Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From a River of Blue Cement to Joining the Skin Heads

River of Cement Through Drought  Stressed Grass
I love curves, especially of industrial materials since there is a built in contrast, man's industrial shapes tend to be linear and regular and nature's curved and irregular.  So curved and the more undulated the better, a side walk or highway is the better.  Yes, it takes more materials to get from A to B with a snaked road than a straight one, and rapid environmentalists will cry "waste", and governments will cry "we can't afford it---the cost will go up 7.89%".  But it should be clear by now with the chaos that engulfs us more each day, that we might as well enjoy the journey.  We clearly have no idea where we are going, but we can be certain it will be a wild ride.  So am I suggesting that the way to cope with Chaos is to enjoy it?  Well, fellow homo sapiens sapiens, in fact, I am.

Many of you are howling in protest right now:  "Yea, right enjoy madness and watching everything fall apart?!!".  Well, we don't have many good choices right now.  The forces causing the multiple breakdowns we are witnessing are many, powerful, and out of our control.  And that's just the ones we have identified.  Seems like every month or two some brilliant person identifies another.  Just about the time I get used to the idea that our entire government is corrupt, both parties, and for at least three decades, I learn and experience that Texas (my home state and where I live) will soon run completely out of water and the drought may last 4-8 lifetimes as it has in the past every thousand years or so.  Then the NEWS tells me that a top leader in the Kansas State government has been praying for Obama---the President of the United States and good human being trying his best to do the most demanding task since Lincoln during the Civil War---AND he shared his bizarre misuse of religion with his Republican colleagues in the Kansas house---AND none of them reported it since it was done in December.  "The whole damn world has gone crazy" (a lyric by Taj Mahal 20 years ago) pops into my head.  

There are so many things "WRONG" with this, I'll reiterate the most obvious.  First, this man is mentally ill and suffering greatly.  What a horror to live thinking that problems will solved by the death of another.  The only moral and ethical justification for killing is self defense or in defense of loved ones you believe will be killed unless the perpetrator is killed first, and frankly, that is impossible to KNOW.  You kill under those circumstances, and the society may sympathize with you and you may not be punished, but you will never know for sure.  O'Neal has had no contact with Obama so the one justifiable reason to wish for someone's death is impossible.  Jesus of Nazereth taught two primary principles "Love your fellow man" and " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  (O'Neal is from Kansas so I assume he is a Christian.).  Then, those who knew failed to report his actions to law enforcement, also failed to help him get medical help.  In Texas those words earn you a mandatory trip to a state mental hospital for a 72 hour evaluation, when that information is presented to a judge by a physician.  That assumes he refuses private psychiatric care.  AND those who knew of the act of treason are accessories by not reporting it to law enforcement.  In this case the FBI investigates; they investigate ALL threats to kill the president even from mental patients.  I know all this because I spent the last 8 years of my medical career working at the State Mental Hospitals in Wichita Falls and Vernon (which is Forensic).

Some have voiced that prayer is private and religious and therefore protected by law.  That is true and I support that in principle.  But when you share your "prayer" with a crowd of people and beg them to join your effort, it is no longer private and the prayer has intentfully made it public, it starts to have a flavor of conspiracy.  How do we know O'Neal didn't have a plot planned to kill the President?  We don't, until the situation is investigated, and there is considerable urgency to finding out since the assassination of a President would be an event that could  cause a shooting revolution.  He seems to be one of the few stabilizing factors in the government, and the world in general.  You may well despise his politics, but to argue that the assassination of a President is a good thing will go nowhere with me, except I may suggest you belong with the Skin Heads.

We've gone from the aesthetics of curves inspired by a photograph of a blue side walk and dead grass, to joining the White Supremists in a page or so.  Hope you weren't bored...
"When I'm 64"  dob: 1-31-48
January 31, 2012