Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chief Manager of the North Colorado River Authority Resigns

Austin May Run Dry Sooner Than Expected
September 21, 2013

Todays front page of the Austin American-Statesman ran an article of the resignation of Becky Motal, a 25 year veteran of the NCRA (North Colorado river Authority). She was chief manager of the NCRA since July of 2011.  In 2012, the board of directors unanimously voted her a 3 year extension of her $325,000/yr contract.  Unfortunately, she did not announce the real reason: all her efforts to promote conservation were blocked politically, and she did not want to be at the helm when Austin runs dry.  This is of course speculation on my part.

Looking more closely at the pattern of deception that has continued, in spite of Perry being on the outs reveals that the outrageously insipid water levels of our reservoirs has continued.  Todays numbers: the combined total of Travis & Buchanan are reported at 32% full.  What makes this outrageous is that Travis is visibly an empty pit, with only a little water behind the dam, which is unusable due to sediment.  So that means the entire 640,000 acre feet must be in lake Buchanan.  Observers have pointed out that the lake is clearly at its lowest point ever.  These bald faced lies have been perpetuated for at least 2 years.

In addition, the inflows into the 2 reservoirs, are running almost as low as the record in 2011, in which the inflows were 10% of normal.  Jan-Aug 74,000 acre/ft in 2011 and 98,000 acre/ft in 2013.  Given that the published data shows that Travis Countys yearly usage for the past 4 years, has averaged 400,000 acre/ft (note that in these 4 years of severe drought there has been no decrease in any category of usage, most remarkably the watering of grass which makes up a preposterous 25% of our total usage).  Thus the general public, businesses nor the government has made any effort to reduce our usage. Apathy? Stupidity?  Both.  No major media or alternative internet news sources has run a single article stating Austin is in danger of running dry, much less Austin will run dry and an uninformed public will be plunged into a sudden state of anarchy.  Everyone seems totally blind to the obvious.   We have very little water in our reservoirs, and our inflows are far exceeded by our usage.

Morris Creedon-McVean

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

State Deception: the Amount of Water on Hand

State Deception: the Amount of Water on Hand
September 22, 2013

Central Texas Prairie After Eight Years of Drought 

The State, under the influence of Gov Perry, is deceiving the people in Travis County is a serious and dangerous way.  The State web site says that Lake Travis is 30% full (600 feet) which would be 260 feet.  Anyone can see it is nothing but an empty pit.  The only water is just behind the dam, and it is full of sediment as to be unusable. With this kind of bold face lie about Travis, how much is in Buchanan is a guessing game, but there is every reason to believe it is far less than the State reports. Our usage is very consistent as observed from the published data from 2012,2011,2010 and 2009, so reasonable to assume that this year 2013 will be very similar, especially since there has been no change in water usage.  The rough average is 400,000 acre-feet/year.  Divide by 365 and we have  1095 acre-feet per day.   The water needed to last us 6 months would be 200,000 acre-feet.

Lake Buchanan’s capacity is 875,000 acre-feet.  The misinformation about the lake's supply for months has been that it is roughly 30% of capacity, or 262,500 acre-feet. Let’s make a generous estimate that the state’s false data machine only doubled the actual amount, and that the Lake has 131,000 acre-feet.  That would be enough for 119 days, or four months as estimated above. Other, estimates could be made using other guesses as to how much less water is really there than we are told,  like 30% less rather than fifty, so the water would last longer than 4 months.  If, the State’s numbers for Buchanan were accurate, the water would last 8 months, but that seems extremely far fetched based on eye witness reports and the history of flagrant lying.  Eight months would come as a psychic shock to a populous kept in an informational darkness and are totally unprepared.  Also, those governmental agencies that people count on to help them, are equally unprepared.

Finally, an alternative media admits that the drought may extend and the past public policies consisting of building reservoirs is in question because evaporation negates much of the inflows:

Is there reason to believe that the drought will continue well beyond the fall? The forecasts are not out yet, but ocean conditions indicate that continued drought is a possibility.
“The way decadal circulation patterns are setting up, the Atlantic Ocean is warmer than normal, and there’s circulation on the Pacific Ocean, which has gone cooler than normal,” Murphy says. “When those two match up—they should be in sync the next five years or so—those are the conditions that existed back in the 1950s. There’s a distinct possibility, I’m not saying it’s a probability, but there’s a possibility this [drought] could extend for another couple of years.” ---Holly Heinrich of “State Impact”
Although Ms  Heinrich does not come anywhere close to saying that Austin is in danger of running dry, she does an exemplary job of questioning established water management policy in Texas, as well as presenting solid scientific evidence that the “wishful thinking” that is prominent among Texans, is just that, “wishful thinking”.

 I believe that keeping this information from the public, which concerns a recourse necessary for life, constitutes manslaughter when people die during the panicked migration. For 2013, the inflows into the reservoirs are nearly as low as 2011, when the inflows were a record shattering 10% of normal.  Add loss from evaporation and the fact the bottom 10% is unusable because of sediment, and the available water is frightening.  Our average usage for the last 4 years is 400,000 acre/feet, with a slight upward trend.  This confirms that no one is conserving, despite the fact that we are in the 8th year of what is now the most severe drought is the history of Central Texas.  How can the Water Commission still have us at stage 2 water restriction?  But it hardly matters,since  there is no effort to enforce stage 2 or do any thing else to make our paulty amount of water last longer.  Apathy and incompetence is a dangerous combination.  We still use 25% of our water on grass. To me that is the height of absurdity.  Power usage is also holding steady; and electricity  and water are essential the same because we cannot generate power without water to cool the Turbines.  The city is marching towards anarchy as we will run out of power and water at the same time, and no one is prepared.  No government organization at any level or any non-government organization even has a plan to  make a plan to deal with the sudden unexpected anarchy.  A remarkable passive suicide of a county of 1.7 million people.  Thousands will perish during the panicked migration.

Texas, and Austin’s destruction are a prototype of what Marshall McCluhan predicted in the late 1950’s:  TV would make us mentally ill and more specifically loose our ability to chose what is worth while in life.  As a result, Texans stopped voting and paying any attention to what our politicians were doing.  Rick Perry, Governor for 13 years was elected by garnering 17% of the registered voters.  His support comes from extremist protestant churches who want a return to the middle ages when church and state were integrated.  This was the primary reason the Founding Father’s ancestors left Europe in the first place.  The Founding Fathers put a great deal of effort in writing the Constitution to keep church and state separate.  The Texas electorate are totally ignorant of this aspect of Perry who belongs to one of these churches.  The reason, they are too busy watching TV under its heroin like addictive trance.  This has been proven by psychiatrists and neurophysiologists by 2003.  TV also robs us of our ability to do critical thinking, which accounts for our apathetic response to the bald face lies about the drought.  I stopped watching TV in 1969 when I read McCluhan’s “The Medium Is the Message”.  That must be the reason I can see all this so clearly and none of my baby boomer peers can.  I have yet to meet or even hear of another person who stopped watching TV due to McCluhan’s admonitions.  There has also not been a single article in major or alternative media that even suggests that Austin will or might run out of water.  They stop after saying that the drought conditions are severe, but do not do the homework to discover the obvious deception.  No critical thinking even in the alternative sources, even on the net is another sign that McCluhan was 100% right.  Disheartening is the fact that the hours per person spent each day watching TV is still on the rise according to the last census.  There are groups that grouse about content, but McCluhan was clear about the fact that whether you watch the history channel or porn the heroin like addictive effects are the same.

Thus, TV is the ideal medium to keep the masses quiet while the rich take control of everything with the intent of returning to the aristocracies of the late Middle Ages with the super rich as Kings and Queens and the rest of us as “wage slaves”.  Frighteningly, this is exactly what is happening, and the 99% is totally blind to it, content with their hectic consumerism lifestyles, using up recourses as directed by the talking heads on TV.  It has been two decades since it became general knowledge that American’s consumed 25% of the world’s energy and that number hasn’t changed since.

Morris Creedon-McVean

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game Over Austin Will Be Destroyed by Television

wasting water is a way of life no one is willing ot change
The water situation here is bizarre. The scientific data is very clear, we have 1.25 years of water in our two reservoirs, and the inflows are almost as low as 2011.No one in meteorology or climatology is even hinting at any change in the current pattern. The most phenomenal aspect of the situation is that NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING, either to conserve or to prepare for the anarchy which will result when Travis County and its 1.7 million people run out of power and water. This is the kind of event that Marshal McCluhan predicted as the result of the populous mindlessly watching mindless TV. He predicted in 1960 that TV would compromise our ability to choose what is important in life, and loose our ability to do critical thinking. So we are going to watch a thriving city turn to dust overnight. No plans to make plans for the forced mass migration of 90+% of the population, which will be a life threatening event in itself. I am watching a major city commit passive suicide all because of television. My hope is that other cities will learn from the example of this catastrophe. The level of denial is so profound that there has not been a single story even in the alternative internet media that speaks about Austin's eminent demise. I certainly hope your situation in OK is batter than ours. We cannot live in an area without power and water, even though I have a generator and a stash of the needed supplies. Neither one of us can do the physical labor of moving about gallons of water and gas 24/7. So, where to move to. The only place in Texas that will probably not be terribly effected by this long term (100+) year drought, is Corpus Christi, and the humidity there will be hard on Jan, but it seems like the only good choice.
Morris Creedon-McVean

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Basics of All Religious Teaching and the Contamination by Religious Institutions

The Basics of All Religious Teaching and the Contamination by Religious Institutions

This was inspired by a post by Chemaine Majid
Now this is where Religion has gone too far. Taliban shot this woman who refused to wear the suffocating Afghan Burqa.
September 6, 2013

 None of the profits, Muhammed, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, taught this or any other kind of cruely based on a person's dress. They all taught, the Christian version of the Golden Rule: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is the core teaching. Other "rules"have been added by the religious institutions that grew around their teachings. But every Religion that has become Institutionalized has gone astray. Why? Because men who want to control other people eventually take control of the institutions and 
impose their own ideas of how people should behave. It is a "power trip" in Western psycholoby and I am sure other religious people have a similar name for this behavior. The profets did not teach any of this institutional garbage. Love is all they taught, expressed more precisely in the Golden Rule. The ultimate crime against believers and non-believers is the "Kill the Non-Believers". Both the Christians and the Muslims have used this blasphemous distortion of the teachings of their profits through the ages as an excuse to slaughter each other. Where does this horrid distortion come from? The leaders of the Institutions of course. Those that follow them have gone far astray from the profits upon whose teachings the Institutions were founded. In summary, it is the Religious Institutions that perpetuate the cruelty and violence. The true believers in the teaching of all the profits must rebel and refuse to follow the power mad men who are held up as "leaders". They are the source of Evil throughout history. And still are today. The world needs religiousness without religion. All religouness as taught by all the profits is the same: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The rest of all Institutional teaching is trash that poisons the minds of people everywhere and perpetuates violence. Gandhi, a modern profit, never injured a British person, nor did he advocate any violence against them. When his own supporters lost control and became violent, he would call a halt to the demonstrations, no matter how important, and refuse to eat until his people, Hindus and Muslims, stopped their violence. He stated he did not wish to be associaated with people who could not control their anger and stop their vilence which stemed from their hatred. He was ready to die for the principle: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Why? because he was an intense and devoted student of the prophets, and understood that the only way to live in peace was to follow this simple teaching, that all the profets had discovered independly. End of story. End of the basic teaching of all the profits. World peace depends on all religious peoples coming together with this realization that they were all taught the same lesson by their profets regardless of what culture, which part of this little blue planet and what language the spoke.

Western psychiatrists working with leading edge neurophysiologists have recently proved by 2003 that there is 0.9% of our species that have a recessive genetic defect that causes the brain tissues and networks that are necessary for us to tell right from wrong, do not develop in utero, or these structures develop partially but are malformed.  These individuals are born without the ability to tell right from wrong.  Not only that but they derive pleasure from the suffering of others.  Child psychiatriats have been able to identify these children in infancy for over 3 decades on clinical evidence alone.  These psychiatists also observed that 100% of the these children labeled, Oppositional Defiant Disorder who re refractory to every know treatment, became sociopaths or Sociopathic Personalality  Disorder, when they became teenagers.  Most live lives of crime, and institutionalization either in prisons or psychiatric facilities.  However, that top 1% (of the 0.9% of the total population) are gifted enough to figure out societies rules and still carry out malicious deeds but not get caught.

Now, this is the key insight of this essay: these gifted sociopaths gravitate towards positions of power and authority, where they have control or access to large sums of money or control of many peoples lives. Hitler is the modern prototype.  But it isn’t just politics that they end up controlling it is often religious institutions or charitable organizations.  They are in complete control of the Banking system in the United States for example. This insight essentially re-writes history. Sociopaths, having gained positions of authority, have caused 99% ov the suffering than men have caused other men and women. have been caused by this one small group of our species with a genetic defect of the brain. They have never previously been identified, partially because of certain religious institutions beliefs.  For example, the Christian belief in “free will”, which is true for 99.1% of the population, but not true for 0.9%, which changes everything.  Now, for the first time in the history of our species we have the knowledge to identify the sociopath and isolate them from the rest of  society to prevent them from causing most of the misery in the world.  To  someone who has spent a few hours learning to identify them from their patterns of behavior, psychiatriats and sophicticated brain scanning can be called upon to verufy the suspected diagnosis.  For now, the only treatment is locking them up, isolating them from society, but the genticists may come up with a cure in the future.  In addition, anyone who is a candidate for a position of authority can be required to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.  Thus, this one discovery, if put to use greatly  increases humanities chances of developing a peaceful world wide society.  Yes, there are major difficulties to be overcome, but the payoff of working through them is something that has been the dream of mankind since we organized beyond the tribe.

A personal prediction: womaen will lead this revolution of how humanity becomes vastly more human.  Starting with the stupid rules imposed by sociopathic men over the ages,like the ;compulsory wearing of the Burca, they will rapidly move on through the issues American women fought through to become the freest and most influential women in the world.  The example has been set.  American society is much stronger with scores of strong women who are free to battle injustice and lives as free citizens.  Women of the world, even in cultures that brutally suppress the god given rights of women, you can do it to.  If you are united, what can the men do?  Killing a large number of women would stimulate international outrage and military intervention if severe.   They can’t do witout you, or they will have no progeny.  If you fight with words of truth and the wisdom of the ages you will win.  The political will is all that is missing.  After all none of the prophets said anything remotely even implying that women are inferior or had any less value than men.  With the profets and the proven example of American women, how can you loose?

Morris Creedon-McVean

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ways to Help Defeat the Super Rich and International Corporations

Simple Ways to Help Defeat the Rich and International Corporations

September 01, 2013

1)    Stop watching television.  TV is every bit as addictive as television proven by 2003 by leading edge scientists.  If you insist that you are not addicted, use the military test for alcoholism: go 30 days without watching.  If you cant, you are an addict.  TV keeps in a daze and robs of our ability to decide what is important in life, and impairs our critical thinking.  The cultural habit has allowed those with evil intent to gain control of our government and institutions.
2)    Use as little natural recourses as possible.  We waste phenomenal amounts of water and gasoline.  In Austin (Travis County) we use a preposterous 168 gallons/person/day.  Our house: 15 gallons/person/day.  New Mexico: <100.  Plan your tips in your car.  Dont drive around looking for something.  Do your homework first, on the net.  Find out what business carry the product and buy from a locally owned business if possible.
3)    Support locally owned and operated businesses.  Avoid the Chinese outlet store Walmart.  It has destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses in this country.  Yes, they may be cheaper, but the negative social costs far out way the savings.  They treat their employees like cattle.
4)    Unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, get rid of your grass.  Here in Austin, and most of Texas watering grass makes up 25% of our total water usage.  Landscape with native plants.  Xeriscaping like they do in Arizona and New Mexico, if you live in a drought prone area.
5)    Vote.  Most of the destructive politicians are in office because the 99% is too busy watching TV.  If you dont have time to research the candidates there are national organizations to help you, like the League of Women Voters.  Google a candidate.  Look at heir past.  Have they ever done any public service?  Or has their lives been devoted to making money.  What is their ner worth?  If its im the millions, they probably have no real interest in public service.
6)    Research who makes the products you use.  Many of them trace back to corporations owned by the super rich like the Koch brothers.  Boycott their products.
7)    Get to know your neighbors.  Try to establish a sense of community.  If Americans spent the time spent watching TV, and devoted to building relationships, and helping each other out.  Our need for expensive toys, which keeps us locked into consumerism, will diminish as our emotional needs are met by establishing relationships.  TV is an evil minded leaders dream.  It keeps people trapped in economic slavery to pay for junk we dont need, and it prevents the populous from organizing against their nefarious intents.
8)    Pay attention to  what is going on in your own community.  If a gas company is planning to use fracting, which will poison your water supply---organized against it.  Do whatever it takes to stop it. Surround the targeted wells with a mass of people, armed if necessary.  The local law enforcement is not going to use force to breakthrough the crowd.  It is their water too.
9)    Do something for the homeless.  A  large percentage of the American population is only a couple of pay checks from being in the same situation.  Organize ways to help them.  Many of them could work with a little help.  Every study shows that 50% have a psychiatric illness.  Find professional help for them.  Many could function as responsible citizens with the proper care.

This is just a starter list.  I will add to the list periodically.