Monday, September 14, 2015

Southern Californians Migrating to Texas

Texas the Ball Is in Your Court

September 11, 2015

Look at the situation in Europe.  The Germans have lead by welcoming migrants fleeing situations due to war (Syria, Iraq) and economic deprivation (Greece, Hungary).  These desperate people are cheered upon their arrival, and thousands of German citizens have volunteered to help these migrants in adjusting to their new country.  The UN has asked that the European Union to take in 160,000 immigrants.  This is the way human beings should respond: treating these people that are forced to migrate the way they (the Germans) would want to be treated.  True Christianity.

Pope Francis, an enlightened man, has called on each diocese to help the migrants in Europe, and I am sure the same edict will be applicable in Texas.  He has already declared that Global Warming is the greatest threat to mankind, and the migrants from California, Nevada, and New Mexico are forced to migrate because of the severe drought caused by Global Warming.

Texans, get ready because millions of Californians (20 million will be out of water in 6-7 months), and many will be forced to migrate.  10 million? 15? 5???, and the Texas government run by sociopaths will do nothing to help them.  An NGO (non-government organization) must be formed and organized to assist enormous numbers of migrants.  Every home for sale will be bought, and real estate prices will soar.  Every hotel/motel room will be occupied for months. And some will not have the money to buy or rent housing.  Some sort of camps must be built just to give the migrants access to food, water and shelter. 

If Texas treats them badly, Texas will be known as a heartless uncaring place.  Is that the reputation you want for this State?  Our government has already ruthlessly defunded all agencies that help people, but this does not represent the population's desire.  We just screwed up by not voting and allowing evil people to control the State Government.

So let us get ready to welcome these migrants and help them.  The wealthy who still have heart and care for humanity can be counted on for funds to build the camps.  Michael Dell is one that comes to mind, and he has a history of philanthropy like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

As sung by Lyle Lovett: "So you're not from Texas, Texas wants you anyway."  The many gifted musicians from Texas could have benefit concerts and raise millions of dollars and be happy to do it.  In addition to Lovett, there is Willie Nelson​, Guy Clark, and many more.
A gentleman and a scholar
Austin, Texas

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Writing of Peter Whybrow, MD

The Writing of Peter Whybrow, MD

A response to an image of a crashed airliner in a wasteland.

You should read the Nobel Prize winner for literature to be for 2015: "The Well-Tuned Brain: Neuroscience & the Life Well Lived" by Peter Whybrow, an Oxford trained psychiatrist who spent the last 30 years of his life working with cutting edge researchers in Southern California. His highly acclaimed 2005 book "American Mania: When More Is Not Enough" provides an excellent lead in to his recent book.

I have kept up with the phenomenal explosion of new understanding  of the biology of human behavior in neuroscience since 1987.  These two books will turn your concept of our species behavior upside down.  Together they form a sobering and honest story of human history and how we got into this colossal mess, the solutions that are needed for survival, and conclude with realistic ideas about how to get there.  By far the hottest arena of science is the interconnected topics of Brain Plasticity, the mental illness caused by television, the phenomena of the sociopath, and the looming threat of suicide via Global Warming.  The writing is superb, engaging and the target audience is the average educated person, not medical professionals, although they should read these insightful works more than anyone else.  Medical terminology is used, but well explained; and personal anecdotes help the reader understand his point of view.

The three major concepts that totally change our perception of the behavior of our species are Global Warming, the sociopath, and the placity of the brain are all covered in an elegant and very readable style. His target audience is the general public, although most professionals will have their perception of human behavior expanded and new behaviors will be sparked by these cutting edge concepts will be triggered by Whybrow’s penetrating insights.  He also draws a clear explanation for why the American Dream has led us astray with his command of history.  Personal anecdotes give his writing a warm tone, and at the same time reinforce the need for change. Systems that once worked, no longer work, and in many cases are now adding to the critical problems we now face. 
To put it bluntly, many of our time honored ways of doing things, are now making our major problems worse.  We are doing everything wrong.  To survive as a species, everyone must change.  In the truest sense, we are all in this together, and we must adopt an attitude that requires that we must work together.  No us against them attitude will work.  Centuries old tribal attitudes must be replaced with “we are all the same species” and rivalries and bigotry must be left behind.  There is only one future: working together, as well stated as “Spaceship Earth there are no passengers, only crew.

 There is very little solid literature on these subjects because the field is moving so fast, the researchers do not have time to even write professional journal articles, since by the time it appears in print it will be out of date.  This makes Whybrow's contribution to the understanding of these world changing discoveries even more valuable.

Morris Creedon-McVean, DO
A gentleman and a scholar
Austin, Texas
August 30, 2015
Revised September 5, 2015