Monday, August 29, 2016

Donald Trump Is a Sociopath

Trump  Has a Antisocial Personality Disorder and a Narcissistic Personality Disorder

August 29, 2016

I am a physician and I worked at the North Texas State Hospital, the largest mental health hospital in Texas and the Texas  State Hospital in Vernon Texas which is the only forensic hospital in the state, for 8 years and I can say Trump is a sociopath.  He fits the diagnosis according to the DSM-IV (The Diagnostic  and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).  The forensic hospital is where the accused perpetrators that are too insane to stand in a trial.  Sociopaths are sent there because they always believe they did not do any thing wrong, and thus do not understand why they are accused of doing something wrong, and thus are not suited for a trial. Thus, Mr.Plouffe  is correct.

President Barack Obama's former campaign adviser says Donald Trump has all the traits of a "psychopath."
In a interview aired Sunday on NBC News' "Meet the Press," David Plouffe shocked moderator Chuck Todd with the snap armchair diagnosis.

"Basically you have a psychopath running for president," Plouffe declared in answer Todd's question about the state of the 2016 presidential race. "He meets the clinical definition."
And when Todd stopped him, asking if he was qualified to make the analysis — calling it the kind of comment "gets voters frustrated" — Plouffe doubled-down.

"Grandiose notion of self worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse — so I think he does" have the traits, he said. "But right, I don't have a degree in psychology."
Plouffe went on to predict Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton "is guaranteed at least 269" votes of the Electoral College to win the White House, and that the November vote could be a "landslide.".

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Morris Creedon-McVean, DO
A gentleman and a scholar
Austin, Texas

Saturday, July 30, 2016

An Explanation to Potential Female Partners

An Explanation to Potential Female Partners

Sunday, June 5, 2016
Revised July 10, 2016
Revised July 21, 2016
Revised July 24, 2016

I have received criticism for using the words “I need female companionship”.  This was described to me as potentially damaging to potential female companions, friends and partners.  The concern is that such words we be perceived as inappropriate for a man whose wife of 43 years died of cancer just a little over two months ago.  My wife was everything to me: she was my sex partner, the mother of our son our only child; my best friend, and my biggest fan who vigorously promoting the two skills that I have master so far in my 68 years. My wife taught me a skill that has become a rarity among American men: “How to love a woman.; and how to insure that she KNOWS that she is loved.” Now that I am faced with rebuilding my life at 68, I need a female companion because I live my life to its fullest potential when I have a female companion. What is offensive about that?

I was an outstanding physician who helped a great many people in my 18 years of private practice and the eight years that I worked at the State of Texas largest mental hospital and the only forensic hospital in the state.  I have a perfect record: never been sued or even threatened with a lawsuit, never been disciplined by any hospital or regulatory body.  I have been a passionate photographer since 1969 and have learned how to take beautiful and inspiring images of almost everything.  Through decades of work I have learned the rare skill of taking images “instinctively”; that is, without interference from the thinking analytical brain.  Such a street shooter style has been labeled “shooting from the hip”.

Simply put, I have many skills and can be of help to a potential female companion, especially with medical issues.  I am a good partner and have 43 years to practice and learn the skills of loving and caring for another person, especially women.  My nature is one of a kind and caring person.  I inherited ADHD from my mother and as a result I often have trouble managing time, a common issue for people with this common temperament. The most recent research shows that approximately 9% of the population of the United States also have this “hunter gatherer” temperament.

I have one more skill I would like to master in my remaining years (about 20+ according to demographic statistics), and that is mastering the guitar.  This has been a dream since I was 20.  I have exceptional manual dexterity as determined by aptitude tests taken in the 8th grade, and confirmed by the best ophthalmic surgeon in the greater Seattle area, who had twice as much surgical experience as the next most experienced surgeon.  This was because he served in a MASH unit in Korea.  I assisted him on a surgery (all ophthalmological surgeries are done through a microscope) as an intern, and afterward he said he was very impressed with my skill and told me he could get me into any Ophthalmological Residency in the country (he was nationally renowned) of my choice. But I had a wife in poor health and a small son, and didn’t feel like I could tolerate three more years of training, so I regrettably turned down the offer.  He told me to let him know if I changed my mind.  We became fast friends and Jan and I attended his wedding.

Having mastered two important skills, medicine and photography, I want to learn something new, playing the guitar, which I have wanted to do since I was 20.  I also am very capable of earning some of the needed funds by repairing old style vacuum tube guitar amps.

I do have some health issues that are aggravating , but none of them should shorten my life span. I can manage these aggravations with medications and avoiding activities that cause exacerbations of these conditions.  In total I have no more minor health problems that the average 68 year old male, and being a retired physician I know the early signs of disease and thus I reduce the chances of a small problem becoming a large one.  I know how to take care of myself and I do.

I wrote this to clarify what my needs are and what I can give back in a multitude of ways.  It is important that potential partners to know “what they are getting into” and they will get in return.

I also want to point out that I am a very flexible person and more than willing to give up habits or activities or habits to make a potential female companion more comfortable.   For example, if a woman reads that I smoke cigars and she is repulsed by cigar smoke, I will give it up in a hot minute.  Any benefit gained by the repulsive habit pales in comparison to having a female partner.

Finally, the issue of sex.  I’ve been accused of just being after sex.  However, I have always lived by the principle that friendship should be well established before sexually activities begin, and then only when my partner is ready.  If the companionship/friendship develops to the point where sex is a natural progression in the relationship, we will discuss the matter before initiating the activity.  I have some concerns about my sexual abilities, due to the fact that due to my wife’s depression she has had no libido since 2002.  While would have engaged in intercourse to meet my needs, the greatest joy in life is to experience my partner having multiple orgasms, sometimes to the point where they are so continues that they become a constant experience.  Seeing your spouse scream with joy while having one continuous orgasm is the most satisfying experience possible, and we achieved this level of sexual delight more often than not.  However, during more brief depressive experiences in the past had taught me that to try to reach orgasm when depressed was just work for her and she never achieved ;orgasm when depressed.  She would have engaged in sex for me after 2002 but since the clitoris has more than twice the number of nerve endings as the head of the penis, to put her to “work” for the sake of an ejaculation was not worth the frustration and I can easily ejaculate by masturbating which I accomplished without her knowledge to prevent her from feeling inadequate which would just exacerbate her depression.
One more aspect of sex that is very powerful in building a sense of trust and stability, and that is the cuddling that takes place after the orgasmic phase.  Even without sex, if one partner is too fatigued or is ill, just cuddling is perhaps the most soothing experience a human can experience.

I have a good income of approximately $5,000/month, and that’s without the amp repair business.  I have two dogs that I adore and take good care of, especially Aussie a mix of Australian Shepard and Border Collie.  He is the most intelligent dog I have ever had contact with, and is extremely athletic.  We play “ball” several times a day which consists of my hitting a tennis ball over the house and his catching it with remarkable athletic maneuvers.  We adopted him as a stray at about one year of age.  When my health declined when he was about four he became my caretaker.  I was amazed by this and asked my wife who has a lifetime of experience with dogs, and she said that highly intelligent dogs well bonded with their human, do occasionally take upon them selves the roll of caretaker.

I have a 63 year old sister with borderline cognitive function.  She cannot take care of herself and so she has lived with us for the last 14 years.  She is very helpful and easy to please.  I have a son, 38y/o who is very dedicated to helping me every way he can.  I have a lot to offer a potential companion/partner and I give more than I take.

Morris Creedon-McVean
A gentleman and a scholar
12624 Timber Heights Drive
Austin, Texas, 78754


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Plea for Economic Assistance
(Long version)

February 9, 2016

I have thought about how to word this communication for 3 weeks.  Jan and I have given our lives in service of our fellow man and woman kind.  Forty years of medical practice in primary care and not a single mistake that injured a patient.  No lawsuits or even the threat of a lawsuits.  I taught myself psychiatry at the request of my patients with some tutoring from a medical school classmate who was trained in child psychiatry.  I served at the largest State Mental hospital in Texas in Wichita Falls, Texas.  This included, the State’s only forensic unit in Vernon, Texas.  These were institutions of last resort.  The sickest of the sick.  While I worked there I witnessed the systematic destruction of a hospital system that was a model for the nation before George Bush became Governor.  The budget was cut every year even when the State had a surplus.

I suffer from advanced degenerative arthritis of the spine and feet, and migraine headaches and was declared Disabled by a Social Security Judge in 2010.  According to the American Disabilities Act of 1990, this designation caries a compensation of $6,000/mo, but I only received $4500, and that was stopped abruptly and illegally in January of 2013.  We fought this injustice until a few months ago, when our last appeal was denied.  The attorneys representing the Texas Employees Retirement Fund sided with the insurance company that I had paid $70/mo for 8 years.  This insurer no longer had any ties with the state as their contract had been dropped, so it was no loss to the state to demand that the insurer pony up the $4500/mo.  Throughout the illegal forcing me to retire on a disability the State of Texas violated the 1990 Act 8 times.  Attorneys who advertised that they took disability cases told me that there were so many deadlines written into the laws that there was no chance of winning.  In addition, under the pretense of eliminating “nuisance” law suits the state put a limit of $350,000 on punitive damages which made such lawsuits totally “unprofitable” for the attorneys.  Just like the stock market, the system was rigged and the legal system was rigged.  The small guy had no chance to regain loses caused by abuse or negligence by any organization.

This is already too wordy, and so I will get to the point.  WE have appealed to many charitable organizations who claim to help the disabled, and been turned down because “we make too much money”, but they do not consider our expenses.  Three of the four family members are disabled without compensation.  And the caretaker, my wife Jan, has fallen into deep despair watching the two men she cares the most about (myself and my 38 y/o son) deteriorate with inherited diseases  second rate medical care.  She had to choose between my my son and Mentally Retarded ( yes that is not pc, but it describes her level of dysfunction) sister who lives with us.  Our medical expenses, mostly for medications was $27,000 in 2014, and I expect the 2015 total will be about the same.  By the way, I have documentation for everything I have said in this cry for help.

Currently, without donations of funds, we will be unable to buy the expensive medications that enable me to function and I will be bed ridden and a rapid further deterioration will follow.  My sons fate is the most tragic, because in spite of his immense talents he cannot even get an interview because the computerized screening of his résumé detect gaps in his employment due to his rare GI disease. He has lost all hope in having the life he dreamed of.  He was an outstanding student in HS and also at Southwestern University a second tier small liberal arts school of 1400 students.  The science department was strong and he was the dominate student in every class including all of his science classes. The professors had to tell him to not respond to open questions as he would articulate the answers with the supporting data in an eloquent style as soon as the questions were completed, and no other students had a chance to respond.  After his sophomore year he was selected as the recipient of a grant to do research of his choosing.  He was well on his way to a publishable paper and had outside companies interested in acquiring the patent rights for his rapid identification of the oak wilt fungus.  Then disease struck.  Acute abdominal pain and several trips to the ER, was finally diagnosed as retrograde flow of bile into the stomach and the removal of his gallbladder at age 21 (fairly common in Latinos but unheard od in Caucasians).  The pathologist stated it was the most necrotic gallbladder he had ever scene.  But this surgery only stopped the acute trips to the ER and left him with a combination of GERD, delayed gastric emptying and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lumped into a garbage bag diagnosis of ‘Functional GI Disease”.  No GI specialist would see him once they knew the diagnosis.  Now, 15 years later there has been enough research that there are two drugs in the pipeline that address this issue.

Currently, without donations of funds, we will be unable to buy the expensive medications that enable me to function and I will be bed ridden and a rapid further deterioration will follow.  We have $5,000/mo income and $7000/mo of expenses.  In addition, for those of you unfamiliar with Medicare, during the first of every year there is a “donut whole”, a period where Medicare pays nothing for medication until the out of pocket total reaches $4,700, then Medicare pays 100%.  This takes about 6 months.

I am choosing to request donations in Obama’s style, many small donations instead of a few large ones.  If 20 families or individuals could donate $50/month for at least through June, then our economic woes would be more palatable.

Please understand that we walk out talk.  We use 10% of the Austin average water consumption.  We have never attended a single musical event, movie or other entertainment since we moved to Austin (because my son lives here).  We had no idea of the corruption in the State in which the radical right has complete control of every level of Government once George Bush was elected Governor.  We have already had to declare bankruptcy once due to this vice like grip on the State’s policies and procedures, designed to make this state friendly only to the rich.

So, please let us know one way or another if you are willing to participate in preventing the continuing downward spiral of the economics of our family.  There will be no resentment if you cannot contribute, but we need to know if we need to broaden the range of the people that we send requests to in order to raise the needed funds.  For more detail, see the Long Version.

Jan Creedon-McVean
Morris Creedon-McVean,DO
A gentleman and a scholar, Austin, Texas
12624 Timber Heights
Austin, Texas 78754

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Source of the Greatest Number of Victims of Violence Is in the USA

The Source of the an Unacceptable Number of innocent Victims in The USA Is Drunk Driving

Four Crosses

January 18, 2016
Revised February 02, 2016

If this doesn’t shock you, it should.  Allow me to explain.
Starting in the 60’s when America went car crazy, 50,000 deaths and 150,000 disabled occurred. The reason appears to be the that these deadly “accidents” were caused by drunk driving and now we must add  the distraction of texting and other forms of communication while driving.  50,000 lives is also the number of soldiers lost in the entire Vietnam war.

If you want supporting data for these numbers just Google “innocent deaths by drunk drivers” and you will get a dozen or so hits, that provide factual support for the numbers that I am using in this essay.

Auto safety devices (which the GOP fought against) like air bags and crumple zones, reduced the numb of fatalities to 30,000 by the 90’s.

The math: 50,000 per year in the 60’s 70’s & 80’s = 150,000
30,000 per year in the 90’s 2000 through 2009 and approx. 20,00 in 2010-2016= 80,000 for a grand (not really grand but tragic) total of 230,000.

Please don’t nit pick the numbers.  Every group of responders to these tragic Motor Vehicle Accidents, has a different perception of the number of deaths caused by drunk driving, and this includes the first responders, the EMTs who transport the victims to the hospital, and the surgeons who attempt to save them,

The 30,000/year is in spite of improvement in the time between the accident and transporting the victim to the hospital, and improved techniques by the EMTs and the surgeons.

The 230,000 is more than all the victims of innocent deaths in the same time period, except the Iraq war which is estimated that 250,000 civilians were killed.  Our loss of soldiers was 8,000.  I chose these numbers for the sake of a discussion revealing the negligence of ourselves and our elected officials.  Even if the number of deaths is off by 50%, it is still and unacceptable number.

This is even more despicable because a solution is known.  The French have a tough law: DWI and you go strait to jail for 2 years.  No trial, no appeals.  Result: France has only a handful of fatalities.  The French love their wine and at night everyone has been drinking.  If they drink away from home, they take a taxi or some other alternative to driving.

So why doesn’t our government adopt these tough laws that have been proven to work?  It is my speculation that lawmaking in the USA, at both the Federal and State levels is not done in the conference rooms but at cocktail “parties” where virtually everyone is drunk or has enough alcohol to make them illegal drivers.   Thus if they passed tough laws like the French, they would be some of the first violators that are swiftly
caught and punished by the laws they pass.

The Party in power is opposed to any government action (as they have drifted so far to the right), especially laws that protect people.  Lincoln the man who defined Conservative politics in this country, said: “The purpose  of government it to do for the people what they cannot do for themselves.”  What is best for the people is not even a source of discussion.

The damage to our bodies is not limited to Motor Vehicle Accidents.  As we drive on these freeways at high speed, death is only a couple of seconds away.  This stress causes physiological stress as we are in a “fight or flight” mode.  These stressors from driving, is one more cause of mental illness, especially depression and anxiety.  High blood pressure is also caused by these cumulative stressors.  When people from small towns visit our cities, they avoid the freeways as their common sense tells them that the danger far out weighs the speed of getting to places.  Those of us that commute regularly become numb to the stress of freeway driving.

Shame on us for not pressuring our lawmakers to pass tough laws like the French.  Our Governments, both Federal and State, (especially Texas), have stated policies that are against “more government”

So “My Fellow Americans” (as LBJ used to say) let’s turn of the TV’s, video games and other distractions and get this job done.  30,000 innocent lives per year depend on taking this action.

The fact that we have already lost approximately 230,000 lives, is shameful.

But we can do better.  There seems to be a shift in the effectiveness of the 99% protesting efforts.  There have been several victories, like forcing Shell oil to abandon a plan to develop drilling and pipe lines in the Alaskan wilderness.

Morris Creedon-McVean, DO
A gentleman and a scholar
Austin, Texas