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Climate Change THE Issue of our Era

Climate Change The Issue of Our Times

Stimulated by a comment by Flickr friend Dave Linscheid
Sorry to read of your heat intolerance, but I wonder how many people can thrive outside in the kind of heat you endure (a humid 95 degree day in Austin)? I certainly could not. (Dave lives in southern Minnesota.)

Dave, you are right "not many".  Climate change research went into high gear after Katrina, and those studies (hundreds at the worlds top scientific universities, half in the US) are now pouring into the journals for peer review before publication.  Typical of scientific revolutions, most of our accepted ideas of the 20th century turn out to be false, and in some cases dangerously misleading.  Surprisingly, these rigorous studies from all around the globe AGREE on most major conclusions.  The biggest surprise is that major climate changes can and often do happen fast, often in a mere decade, contrary to prior conventional belief that several thousand years was the norm.  Our species adaptation, while often extremely clever, is slow on a cultural level, and many entire societies have perished because they were not able to change fast enough. Our species is unchanged biologically over long periods of rapid climactic change, and our ancestors were just as smart as we are.  Therefore any "modern arrogance" will actually impair our ability to adapt to these changes, since false superiority leads to complacency.  Everyone should be addressing this issue, which rarely even makes the front page.  There is only one issue that threatens our survival as a species: climate change.

To quote William C. Calvin, a neurologist and frontrunner in this arena since it began:  "One of the most shocking scientific realizations of all time has slowly been dawning on us: the earth's climate does flip-flops every few thousand years, and with breathtaking speed."  "A Brain for All Seasons" , 2002.  It is a delight to read as his writing style is fresh and continues to surprise.  Some solid knowledge of general knowledge is helpful, but this book was written to inform the general public.

Here are a few of the conclusions by world wide scientific research groups, all done after his book was written.

1) extreme heat is the new norm
2) summer heat waves will increase
3) very recent studies indicate that the American Southwest will have long   periods of extreme drought lasting 100-200 years.  this has been vaidated be scientists in other fields, archeology, and anthropology who have verified that a Native American tribe named the Ashkenazi, perished during the last mega drought from 600 to 800 AD, which occur with an almost perfect sine wave frequency of 1000 years.  The last period of super drought, survived by the Hopi and Navajo, who apparently knew something about water that the Ashkenazi didn't, was 1400 years ago.  Statistically, that means that we are now almost certainly at the beginning of a 100-200 year drought, the likes of which are unknown to not only the living Europeans or their ancestors.  Even primitive record keeping, only began around 1000 AD.  But the climate models which have proven to be startling accurate include the Middle Ages.
4) for those living today and their ancestors for several generations should consider that we are now in a "permanent drought" for all practical purposes.

This summary only hits the highlights; and already it would take a 2000 page book just to thoroughly review CURRENT progress, and by the time it would published, it would be sadly out of date.  Every current study reveals a half dozen factors that need extensive study.  The rate of growth of solid information in climatology is exponential.  This is the major reason there are so few up to date books written about the subject.  They are out of date even before the manuscripts are finished, much less published.  This is very frustrating to those rightfully interested in the subject, but the web at least makes following the advances in the subject POSSIBLE, it just requires more work than walking into a major bookstore and purchasing a "New in Hardback-Non Fiction." and going home confident that this one volume will make you a pseudo-authority on climate change.

This mini essay has already gone way past my intentions in length, so I'll pause for now; but expect updates.

A Gentleman and a Scholar
June 13, 2014 
Austin, Texas

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Bald Face Lies About Disability from Perry

The Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

In existence since September of 1950, the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities (GCPD) works toward a State where people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy full and equal access to lives of independence, productivity and self-determination. The Governor appoints twelve members to serve on the Committee, seven of whom must be people with disabilities. Representatives from six State agencies serve as ex- officio or advisory members. The Committee makes recommendations to the Governor and Legislature on disability issues; promotes compliance with disability-related laws; promotes a network of local committees doing similar work; recognizes employers for hiring and retaining employees with disabilities; and recognizes media professionals and students for positively depicting Texans with disabilities. The members and staff also provide technical assistance, information and referral services to citizens of Texas on issues affecting Texans with disabilities. Members of the Committee work on issues related to Access, Communications, Education, Emergency Management, Health, Housing, Recreation, Transportation, Veterans and Workforce. The Committee's enabling law is outlined in the Human Resources Code, Chapter 115.
I have personally been abused in every possible way by the State's totally disregard to the American Disabilities Act of 1994.  In operation the state policy is to deny any disabled employee any and all rights granted to us by law.  I have 3 reems of documentation if you are interested.  Just another bald face lie by our sociopathic Governor.  Saying one thing and doing another.


The Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities envisions a State where people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy full and equal access to lives of independence, productivity and self-determination.

Key Services

The Governor’s Committee recommends changes in disability policies and programs in the areas of accessibility, communication, education, emergency preparedness, health, housing, recreation, transportation, veterans and workforce. The Committee also supports a network of committees on people with disabilities, issues awards to promote greater awareness, and promotes compliance with disability related laws.
For more information on Disability History or Etiquette and a “Resource Guide on Disability Topics Important to Texans”,email us or call 512-463-5739.

Upcoming Events

Barbara Jordan Media Awards Each spring, the Governor's Committee recognizes representatives from the field of journalism for increasing public understanding of the abilities and potential of people with disabilities.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM)Each October, the Governor's Committee celebrates NDEAM through a poster art competition and other activities.

Lex Frieden Employment Awards 
Each fall, the Governor's Committee recognizes the efforts of Texas employers to hire and retain employees with disabilities and recognizes best practices that positively affect employees with disabilities in the workplace.
APA/GCPD Accessibility AwardsEach winter, the Governor's Committee partners with the Accessiblity Professionals Association (APA) to recognize businesses and organizations that go significantly above and beyond the legal requirements of both physical and service accessibility for people with disabilities.

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Sociopaths vs Altruists

Wal-Mart Executives Give Themselves 300 Million in Bonuses and Receive a 100 million dollar Tax Break

Walmart's motto: the top get theirs, everyone left gets the trickle down scraps.
You’re welcome.
Description: axpayers are not only subsidizing Walmart's low-pay workers, but also the obscene pay of top executives. Walmart reduced its tax bill $104 million by exploiting a loophole that allowed eight executives to pocket more than $298 million in bonuses. 

In short, “the bigger the executive bonuses the less Walmart pays in taxes", according to Frank Clemente, executive director at  Americans for Tax Fairness.  #walmarteconomy

Taxpayers are not only subsidizing Walmart's low-pay workers, but also the obscene pay of top executives. Walmart reduced its tax bill $104 million by exploiting a loophole that allowed eight executives to pocket more than $298 million in bonuses.
In short, “the bigger the executive bonuses the less Walmart pays in taxes", according to Frank Clemente, executive director at Americans for Tax Fairness.
Bottom of Form

This summarizes modus operandi of the vast majority of American corporations.  These "leaders" read too much of Darwin and Wallace's early explanation for diversity in evolution.  They stopped reading before the theory explains that altruism, sharing the results of the hunt with all members of the tribe. We are currently stuck between the rich and powerful who are largely incapable of understanding the "sharing" part, which makes the species stronger.  A true turning point in history. 

If the people who have hoarded 1000 lifetimes the wealth needed to survive win out, we will shortages of water and food so severe there will be wars for control of these crucial recourses, and human life will mean nothing.  Killing off a large % of the population will serve population control but crush our development of altruism, as the leaders of the stronger tribes will kill hundreds of millions to ensure less competition for the little food that is left.  If the altruists prevail, we will have the opportunity to build a better world, since for the first time in our history we understand and can identify those who are incapable of grasping the advantages of sharing ,and keep them (sociopaths 0.9% of the population) out of positions of power.  Hitler or Gandhi?  It is up to us.

Based on Bill Hodgson’s post on June 4, 2014

Morris Creedon-McVean