Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ways to Help Defeat the Super Rich and International Corporations

Simple Ways to Help Defeat the Rich and International Corporations

September 01, 2013

1)    Stop watching television.  TV is every bit as addictive as television proven by 2003 by leading edge scientists.  If you insist that you are not addicted, use the military test for alcoholism: go 30 days without watching.  If you cant, you are an addict.  TV keeps in a daze and robs of our ability to decide what is important in life, and impairs our critical thinking.  The cultural habit has allowed those with evil intent to gain control of our government and institutions.
2)    Use as little natural recourses as possible.  We waste phenomenal amounts of water and gasoline.  In Austin (Travis County) we use a preposterous 168 gallons/person/day.  Our house: 15 gallons/person/day.  New Mexico: <100.  Plan your tips in your car.  Dont drive around looking for something.  Do your homework first, on the net.  Find out what business carry the product and buy from a locally owned business if possible.
3)    Support locally owned and operated businesses.  Avoid the Chinese outlet store Walmart.  It has destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses in this country.  Yes, they may be cheaper, but the negative social costs far out way the savings.  They treat their employees like cattle.
4)    Unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, get rid of your grass.  Here in Austin, and most of Texas watering grass makes up 25% of our total water usage.  Landscape with native plants.  Xeriscaping like they do in Arizona and New Mexico, if you live in a drought prone area.
5)    Vote.  Most of the destructive politicians are in office because the 99% is too busy watching TV.  If you dont have time to research the candidates there are national organizations to help you, like the League of Women Voters.  Google a candidate.  Look at heir past.  Have they ever done any public service?  Or has their lives been devoted to making money.  What is their ner worth?  If its im the millions, they probably have no real interest in public service.
6)    Research who makes the products you use.  Many of them trace back to corporations owned by the super rich like the Koch brothers.  Boycott their products.
7)    Get to know your neighbors.  Try to establish a sense of community.  If Americans spent the time spent watching TV, and devoted to building relationships, and helping each other out.  Our need for expensive toys, which keeps us locked into consumerism, will diminish as our emotional needs are met by establishing relationships.  TV is an evil minded leaders dream.  It keeps people trapped in economic slavery to pay for junk we dont need, and it prevents the populous from organizing against their nefarious intents.
8)    Pay attention to  what is going on in your own community.  If a gas company is planning to use fracting, which will poison your water supply---organized against it.  Do whatever it takes to stop it. Surround the targeted wells with a mass of people, armed if necessary.  The local law enforcement is not going to use force to breakthrough the crowd.  It is their water too.
9)    Do something for the homeless.  A  large percentage of the American population is only a couple of pay checks from being in the same situation.  Organize ways to help them.  Many of them could work with a little help.  Every study shows that 50% have a psychiatric illness.  Find professional help for them.  Many could function as responsible citizens with the proper care.

This is just a starter list.  I will add to the list periodically.