Thursday, September 12, 2013

Game Over Austin Will Be Destroyed by Television

wasting water is a way of life no one is willing ot change
The water situation here is bizarre. The scientific data is very clear, we have 1.25 years of water in our two reservoirs, and the inflows are almost as low as 2011.No one in meteorology or climatology is even hinting at any change in the current pattern. The most phenomenal aspect of the situation is that NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING, either to conserve or to prepare for the anarchy which will result when Travis County and its 1.7 million people run out of power and water. This is the kind of event that Marshal McCluhan predicted as the result of the populous mindlessly watching mindless TV. He predicted in 1960 that TV would compromise our ability to choose what is important in life, and loose our ability to do critical thinking. So we are going to watch a thriving city turn to dust overnight. No plans to make plans for the forced mass migration of 90+% of the population, which will be a life threatening event in itself. I am watching a major city commit passive suicide all because of television. My hope is that other cities will learn from the example of this catastrophe. The level of denial is so profound that there has not been a single story even in the alternative internet media that speaks about Austin's eminent demise. I certainly hope your situation in OK is batter than ours. We cannot live in an area without power and water, even though I have a generator and a stash of the needed supplies. Neither one of us can do the physical labor of moving about gallons of water and gas 24/7. So, where to move to. The only place in Texas that will probably not be terribly effected by this long term (100+) year drought, is Corpus Christi, and the humidity there will be hard on Jan, but it seems like the only good choice.
Morris Creedon-McVean