Friday, September 6, 2013

The Basics of All Religious Teaching and the Contamination by Religious Institutions

The Basics of All Religious Teaching and the Contamination by Religious Institutions

This was inspired by a post by Chemaine Majid
Now this is where Religion has gone too far. Taliban shot this woman who refused to wear the suffocating Afghan Burqa.
September 6, 2013

 None of the profits, Muhammed, Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, taught this or any other kind of cruely based on a person's dress. They all taught, the Christian version of the Golden Rule: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." That is the core teaching. Other "rules"have been added by the religious institutions that grew around their teachings. But every Religion that has become Institutionalized has gone astray. Why? Because men who want to control other people eventually take control of the institutions and 
impose their own ideas of how people should behave. It is a "power trip" in Western psycholoby and I am sure other religious people have a similar name for this behavior. The profets did not teach any of this institutional garbage. Love is all they taught, expressed more precisely in the Golden Rule. The ultimate crime against believers and non-believers is the "Kill the Non-Believers". Both the Christians and the Muslims have used this blasphemous distortion of the teachings of their profits through the ages as an excuse to slaughter each other. Where does this horrid distortion come from? The leaders of the Institutions of course. Those that follow them have gone far astray from the profits upon whose teachings the Institutions were founded. In summary, it is the Religious Institutions that perpetuate the cruelty and violence. The true believers in the teaching of all the profits must rebel and refuse to follow the power mad men who are held up as "leaders". They are the source of Evil throughout history. And still are today. The world needs religiousness without religion. All religouness as taught by all the profits is the same: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The rest of all Institutional teaching is trash that poisons the minds of people everywhere and perpetuates violence. Gandhi, a modern profit, never injured a British person, nor did he advocate any violence against them. When his own supporters lost control and became violent, he would call a halt to the demonstrations, no matter how important, and refuse to eat until his people, Hindus and Muslims, stopped their violence. He stated he did not wish to be associaated with people who could not control their anger and stop their vilence which stemed from their hatred. He was ready to die for the principle: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Why? because he was an intense and devoted student of the prophets, and understood that the only way to live in peace was to follow this simple teaching, that all the profets had discovered independly. End of story. End of the basic teaching of all the profits. World peace depends on all religious peoples coming together with this realization that they were all taught the same lesson by their profets regardless of what culture, which part of this little blue planet and what language the spoke.

Western psychiatrists working with leading edge neurophysiologists have recently proved by 2003 that there is 0.9% of our species that have a recessive genetic defect that causes the brain tissues and networks that are necessary for us to tell right from wrong, do not develop in utero, or these structures develop partially but are malformed.  These individuals are born without the ability to tell right from wrong.  Not only that but they derive pleasure from the suffering of others.  Child psychiatriats have been able to identify these children in infancy for over 3 decades on clinical evidence alone.  These psychiatists also observed that 100% of the these children labeled, Oppositional Defiant Disorder who re refractory to every know treatment, became sociopaths or Sociopathic Personalality  Disorder, when they became teenagers.  Most live lives of crime, and institutionalization either in prisons or psychiatric facilities.  However, that top 1% (of the 0.9% of the total population) are gifted enough to figure out societies rules and still carry out malicious deeds but not get caught.

Now, this is the key insight of this essay: these gifted sociopaths gravitate towards positions of power and authority, where they have control or access to large sums of money or control of many peoples lives. Hitler is the modern prototype.  But it isn’t just politics that they end up controlling it is often religious institutions or charitable organizations.  They are in complete control of the Banking system in the United States for example. This insight essentially re-writes history. Sociopaths, having gained positions of authority, have caused 99% ov the suffering than men have caused other men and women. have been caused by this one small group of our species with a genetic defect of the brain. They have never previously been identified, partially because of certain religious institutions beliefs.  For example, the Christian belief in “free will”, which is true for 99.1% of the population, but not true for 0.9%, which changes everything.  Now, for the first time in the history of our species we have the knowledge to identify the sociopath and isolate them from the rest of  society to prevent them from causing most of the misery in the world.  To  someone who has spent a few hours learning to identify them from their patterns of behavior, psychiatriats and sophicticated brain scanning can be called upon to verufy the suspected diagnosis.  For now, the only treatment is locking them up, isolating them from society, but the genticists may come up with a cure in the future.  In addition, anyone who is a candidate for a position of authority can be required to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation.  Thus, this one discovery, if put to use greatly  increases humanities chances of developing a peaceful world wide society.  Yes, there are major difficulties to be overcome, but the payoff of working through them is something that has been the dream of mankind since we organized beyond the tribe.

A personal prediction: womaen will lead this revolution of how humanity becomes vastly more human.  Starting with the stupid rules imposed by sociopathic men over the ages,like the ;compulsory wearing of the Burca, they will rapidly move on through the issues American women fought through to become the freest and most influential women in the world.  The example has been set.  American society is much stronger with scores of strong women who are free to battle injustice and lives as free citizens.  Women of the world, even in cultures that brutally suppress the god given rights of women, you can do it to.  If you are united, what can the men do?  Killing a large number of women would stimulate international outrage and military intervention if severe.   They can’t do witout you, or they will have no progeny.  If you fight with words of truth and the wisdom of the ages you will win.  The political will is all that is missing.  After all none of the prophets said anything remotely even implying that women are inferior or had any less value than men.  With the profets and the proven example of American women, how can you loose?

Morris Creedon-McVean