Saturday, August 31, 2013


In response to an article on military spending.  The Boeing subkillers.  Stupid idea even for the military.

This is a commercial airliner I captured with a 300 mm hand held.
September 01, 2013

Sadly, military spending is the ONLY government spending the neo-cons support.  Nothing has changed regarding the Military Industrial Complex since exposed by Noam Chomsky in the late sixties in a brilliant series of books describing how that "system" works in great detail.  Then the excuse was the Russian threat and communism.

 Now, the mission is overtly evil: support the support the international corporations and the super rich (who own a lions share of said corps) in obtaining whatever natural resources they need to line their already multi-billion dollar portfolios.

There is moral or ethical justification for hoarding billions of dollars.  But these super rich who want more and more, are sociopaths who have no sense of right and wrong.  They were born without it.  It is caused by a recessive gene that expresses it self in utero when the brain is developing.  The critical brain centers and networks necessary for a human being to tell right from wrong do not develop, or are malformed.  Thus they are born sociopaths.  Child psychiatrists have identifying these individuals in infancy for at least 3 decades, but the scientific evidence to prove without a shadow of a doubt, that the above mechanism was the explanation for sociopathic behavior was not completed until c. 2003.  More sensitive brain scans (PET scanners, and other technologies available only for research) and completion of the Human Genome Project provided the final definitive information.

There is only one published book that explains all this: "American Mania: When More Is Not Enough" by Peter Whybrow, a foreign born clinical and research psychiatrist at UC San Diego. Now, the punch line, the sociopathic superrich are using the American Military and all these super sophisticated weaponry, added to America's "the greatest hegemony on military power that any nation has  ever had", to help turn the pages of history of humanity backwards, and establish an aristocracy with the super rich as kings and queens and the rest of us as "wage slaves".  No doubt some of the generals engaged in the Military Industrial Complex are also sociopaths.

 How, un-American can you get.  This is not just a plot for America but the whole world.  History has shown over and over that aristocracies DO NOT WORK.  Neither, will this retro attempt.  But are we going to put ourselves into enslavement before we rebel?  Many that support the GOP do so for other reasons, like the religious intolerance of the extremist Christian churches in Texas who want the church reintegrated with government (the main reason the Founding Fathers ancestors fled Europe in the first place and motivated the writers of the Constitution to put great emphasis on "Separation of Church and Sate"). These churches put rick Perry, another sociopath into power,  Perry was elected with only 17% of the registered voters.  Most Texans are too intoxicated by TV to participate in a Democratic process. Perry's 13 years in office is proof that a Democratic republic cannot function without a populous that participating.  The reason: our addition to TV which has a heroin like addictive effect, and regardless of content (porn or the History Channel), television has robbed us of our ability to determine what is important in life (our moral compass), and our ability to use critical thinking.  These ideas about how TV, thought to be a hrmless intertainment device, has now been proven by a coalition of psychiatrists and neuroscientists to be true to the smallest detail by C. 2003.  These warnings published by Marshall McCluhan in the late '50s, explain how American institutions from Government to education, to unravel in a single generation.  Please read: "The Medium is the Message" by Marshall McCluhan, c.1960.

 Not a very bright man Perry has managed to turn Texas into the most corrupt state in the nation in his 13 years of office.  Austin, one of America's great progressive cities, will run out of water in about 1.4 years due to Perry's non-management of the drought. The city will be destroyed as 90+% of the 1.7 million occupants will be forced to migrate. Who wants to live in a place without power and water? Perry of course will be delighted, as sociopaths gain pleasure from causing suffering. Instead his growth obsessed promotion has made Austin the number 1 destination for moving vans and rental trucks for over a decade.  No city can sustain that can of growth without major problems.  Besides, we now know that growth oriented economies cannot work due to the science of ecology.  Sustainable economies are the only ones that will survive.  But, I digress.

The purpose of this absurd military spending, is that it is central to the plan to establish American super rich (and a few others) as kings and queens.  The once proud American Military, have become the thugs of the world, supplying the sociopaths at the top of the economic heap with whatever they think they need, either by intimidation or direct use of force.  Spending US tax dollars for this purpose is treason.  Many of the participants are not aware of the role they are playing in this drama, but are guilty of aiding and abetting this plan to subjugate the American people to economic slavery.

What better place to draw the line, and fight this battle of rich vs poor.  This military spending and it's purpose should be the major battle ground, even if it requires a violent civil war which at present is winnable,  Even though most of the 99% do not have any idea of what is really going on. But they can be awakened and learn.  The average citizen thinks the military spending is wrong but they don't understand just how WRONG it is, nor the ultimate purpose. The attack must begin on the ethical and moral indefensible reasons for this spending and its real purpose.  Take Chomsky's work and extend it. The common man can understand this issue if simplified and repeated, again and again.  Your article is a good take off point to bring in these other issues.

If the ridiculous military spending was cut by even 50%, then would could finance the health care of our senior citizens (that includes me), Vets---we owe them big time, our children (our infant mortality rate is worse than many developing country---a national embaressment, and the disabled.  Of all the developed nations we have the worst record of taking good care of the above mentioned groups of people.  We have the money, the recources and skill to be number 1, in all these catagories.  We made a promise to our seniors who paid into Medicare every paycheck their entire working career, and we hav a moral and ethical responsibility to deliver on those promises.  Our long term care for disabled vets is even worse; and they risked their lives to keep this country free.  Our failure to take GOOD care of them is a national source of shame.  We can and must deliver on these promises, and the only thing preventing us from meeting these moral and ethical promises is the Political Will.

Morris Creedon-McVean
Austin, Texas
September 1, 2013