Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inflows: the Reason They Have Been So Low in 2013

This new document from Bob Rose at the NCRA (North Colorado River Authority) which explains thoroughly why this calendar year has been a disaster for the amount of water in our two reservoirs, our only source of water.  It is a rehash of the same information I conveyed in an earlier post.  However, it is up to date and comes from the state's authority on the subject.  BTW, no change in the rain pattern of the first half of the year is predicted by any forecaster or any of the global climate models.  what is needed is an El Nino, that brings increased rainfall to central Texas about 80% of the time.  The water surface temperatures in the Pacific, our first warning of the development of an El Nino or a La Nina, are flat line, meaning no hint of the development of either.  Even if an El Nino developed tomorrow, it would be months before its effects would be felt here.

The response of the community: city, county, state has been to do nothing---not even enforce the Stage 2  Water conservation measure.  We have been at Stage 3 for a month and the city municipal web site does not even have that right.  Even worse, there is no planning for the catastrophe which is almost a mathematical certainty.  Not even by NGO's (Non Government Organizations).  A disaster 10x worse than Katrina as a thriving city of 1.7 million will be destroyed since 90+% will be forced to migrate.  Who will live in a city/county with no electricity or water?  Ignorance and apathy everywhere one looks.

In summary, Austin is doomed to run dry as early as 1.4 years from this date: August 30, 2011

Water Supply Update
June 29, 2013

Here are the stats for June:
Month-to-Date Totals

108°F Record High
so far 105°F
Lowest 64°F  so far
 92°F Avg. High
 72°F Avg. Low
51°F Record Low

to Date 0.57 in.
 Average 4.33 in.

to Date 0.57 in.

 Average 4.33 in.