Saturday, February 4, 2012

Austin Welcome to the "Fascist Experience"

Austin Joins Other Cities in Depriving Peaceful Citizens Their Constitutional Rights
After the events last night in Austin, one of the most tolerant cities in the United States, it is certain that we live in a police state.  Fascism.  Do you like the sound of it?  I don't.  It ends any hope of a non-violent resolution to the multitude of issues between the People of the United States of America and a corrupt government from the city/county to the Congress.  It is blatantly clear that our government also has no interest in following the Constitution.  They break the basic tenants of the
Constitution at will and will clearly do anything to protect their position of power and wealth.  The super rich and international corporations who are behind this use our elected officials, police, and military as unwitting pawns to carry out their pathetic but dangerous life-goal of making yet even more money.  This spiritually vacant goal causes untold misery for the rest of us who are just pawns in their juvenile game of "Who is the Richest".
Well it is going to stop.  No matter what it takes "We the People"will not accept a society like the one that existed in France before the French Revolution.

Historically, there have been a plethora of rebellions of poor vs rich.   The rich win most of them; but, not infrequently, the poor win because the Rulers have no respect for the poor, as if they are an inferior species; and, they underestimate the capabilities of their "lowly" opponents.  The greatest military advantage is SURPRISE; (ask Lao Tzu) and, underestimating your opponent is the greatest of military mistakes.  THAT is the situation in the here and now.  For the first time in history the "poor"(which also includes the substantial middle and upper middle class)  is just as smart, just as well educated, well fed and well nourished, AND armed to the teeth.  Thanks to the NRA, the citizens are BETTER armed than the police.  Only the full time military is better equipped.  President Obama has control of the military as Commander and Chief; and, he will not use the US Military to destroy or control the citizens of the United States.  The military may be necessary just to maintain law and order in some cities with a long history of conflict between police and citizenry, such as NYC, LA, Chicago, Oakland.  Most people have been confused by the Patriot Act "upgrade", but the key is that the President has control over activating the provisions of the law.  I believe Obama will use it as a trump card to keep the country from degenerating into a full scale Civil War.

Our Rich Alcoholic Lawyer Lawmaker's View o the World

It is far too early to even guess at how this will play out.  The battle lines are being drawn.  Who is going to be fighting whom.  A police vs citizens over the right to assemble peaceably  is not a big enough of an issue for massive fighting.  More aggressive efforts to remove our freedom of speech would be.  The GOP has been so shocked that they don't even have a strategy yet.  That pathetic effort to restrict the internet was crushed by ordinary citizens.  The GOP leadership is pathetic by any standards; and, the chances of them coming up with a strategy more sophisticated than brutality are slim. Even that won't work; our numbers are enormous.  It is not physically possible to detain 50 million people.

All we know at the present time is that the current situation in unacceptable in both the short and long term.  The GOP is weak and disorganized.  The People are strong, outnumbering the repressive members of the GOP by a huge margin.  We are also young, smart, and masters of technology.  We don't need much in terms of leadership; but, if that need arises, we have a multitude of individuals capable of stepping up.

Our Congressional View of the World No People Just Expensive Stuff for Our Oil Addiction