Friday, January 20, 2012

From the Work of Marshall McLuhan to the Eminent Hard Fall of the GOP, Part 2

Treason as clearly Stated in the Constitution. These groups that would take over our government and turn this country into a Theocracy defy the Constitution and the rights of every American, and have the audacity to think that their 15% can and should tell the rest of us what to do. The likely Republican candidate for president is Mitt Romney, a leader in one of several groups that advocate Treason (he is a Morman who have the most dysfunctional and controlling families I have ever met.)  They are appropriately referred to as a sect and have many parallels to the Taliban, rigid Islamic fundamentalists who want a return to the practices of Islam in the 700’s.  The only difference between the Taliban and their American counterparts is their use of violence to enforce their wishes on others. In the West we already have a terrifying example when Church and State are integrated and intolerant:  the Spanish Inquisition which made it a crime, punishable by death, to hold any other religion.  The Spanish “invented” torture and “terrorism” during this reain of terror.  They were successful, they killed or ran off the Jews who were the brains behind every aspect of Spain's prominence in science, trade, military power, navigation etc.  After the Inquisition, Spain’s power and influence dropped rapidly and they have not been heard from since.

I hate to break the news to the GOP, who four short months ago announced that "we are in control and if Obama is for it (an issue) then we are against it, and vote it down", but you guys are going down, soon and hard. Their approval rating is 17% only 2 points above the % of the radical right; and Obama's approval rating is 40% and rising. Obama has a huge lead in funding and Romney is no match for Obama in a debate. The leadership vacuum in the GOP is pathetic, when a man like Rick Perry even merits consideration as a presidential candidate. The nationally televised police brutality ordered by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC, who made up reasons to disperse these peaceful demonstrators, which they have a right to do as stated, again, in the Constitution, have pushed a lot of moderate Americans off the fence into the Obama camp. I could go on but if you haven't gone to sleep, in a few short months, Obama has gone from "he hasn't got a chance (GOP assessment) to front runner by a wide margin, and will continue to widen as the GOP and their sad leadership continue to make mistake after mistake.
Look where TV has taken us...