Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Texas Drought Scenario

January 10, 2012
Drought Summary for Facebook

                        After living in Seattle for 20 years we returned to my home State of Texas,only to discover ,with a little research, that the entire state is going to be completely out of water within 6 months. We have 25 million people and it is physically impossible to import enough water for survival (2 gallons per person per day). At no level is the government even going to attempt to help and no level of government has any plan to even attempt to do so.

                    The only way to import any substantial amount of water is to use every water-carrying aircraft in the nation on a 24/7  for an indefinite time. That massive effort would support a small fraction of the 50 million gallons per day needed. So, the only option is a forced massive migration, something like 10-15 million in a few months. Most would have to leave everything and leave by car. The interstates will be parking lots for the 800-1000 miles to get to areas that have enough water to support a massive migration. With no way to provide this mass of people creeping along on the few interstates, many will die of dehydration, malnutrition, and will run out of gas slowing the "traffic" even more. It will be the greatest catastrophe in the history of this country by far, with casualties far greater than the total of every war we have ever been in, including the Civil War. Estimate that 30% die in their cars and 15 million attempt the journey, that is 5 million deaths, in part due to the callous disregard of our government for the people they were elected to serve. FEMA is a joke; we saw that in New Orleans. That scenario had been predicted for years and the government took no action. Even when the hurricane was on its way and there was 2-3 days to prepare, still no action. Since, still no disaster planning has occurred for Louisiana or any other state or region. A very strong "fuck you" to the people in New Orleans and the American people in general. The two parties want your votes and tax dollars (that end up in their pockets), but don’t consider any service or humane consideration in return. They talk a good game but have betrayed us so many times in the last 10 years we are beginning to catch on:  Congress doesn’t care about the American people, and hasn’t for 2-3 decades.  This has all happened while we were asleep watching TV, shopping, and watching sports and developing the “couch potato” culture.

                     Now we will witness months of daily casualty reports, interviews with victims, etc. Texas has a multimillion-dollar "rainy day" fund; which Governor Perry refuses to use because the drought is "not a real emergency". I wonder what qualifies as an emergency in his sick mind. Politics has reached an unprecedented low point when a man like Rick Perry is even considered as a candidate for President. The greed of the super rich and corporate lobbies (including some foreign) has finally gone too far, and the Texas massacre will force any republican left of the radical Christian Right to stop supporting this puppet government. The deaths and resulting outrage should hand Obama a landslide victory and sweep 80% of the incumbents of both parties out of office. Incumbents usually win about 90% of the time. The only thing "good" about this horrid scenario is that it will shock enough people to look hard at the corruption that has taken over our government, so that a shooting civil war can be avoided, because without the Texas situation, that is the direction in which we are rapidly headed. few seconds ago · Like
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