Tuesday, January 24, 2012


You Crossed the Line, Now the Consequences

Bad NEWS You are Going to Loose
To: US Congress, their supporters, and lord and masters: The Super Rich
Written February 4, 2012                            Amended: February 5, 2012

Well, now comes the bad news.  You and all those who are trying to take over this country by defying the Constitution, silencing and then disposing of the troublesome middle class, are going to loose.  The forces that think they are in control and motivated by money and greed have made the classic and fatal mistake when they "think" they are in control: you have vastly underestimated the strength of the "enemy".  This is the first rich vs. poor revolution in history where the "poor" (including the shrinking but still powerful middle class) is just as well educated,( smarter than the rich lawyer in congress) and armed to the teeth. Thanks to the NRA, the public has military grade weapons (and a stockpile of ammo) that are superior to that of the police who have restrictions on the weapons they can use.  So "the party in control" passionately opposed by the majority of the American people who are smarter and just as well educated, greatly outnumber your police puppets (who in Austin side with the citizens), and can respond to anything the plodding government tries to do because of the superior skills in using information technology through the internet.  Your leadership is weak and not resourceful.  The leadership is already directionless because President Obama has outwitted them and tricked them into supporting, and voting for, 2 of his pieces of legislation.  It was only 5 months ago that Harry Reid, Majority Leader of the Senate announced that they were in control and if Obama was for a piece of legislation, they would vote against him (with of course no consideration for the American People.)  So, Harry is busy eating crow: and, will have several more servings as the GOP flails about trying desperately to secure their control and shut up the opposition.  Acting out of panic and desperation will result in a comical series of ill-conceived measures that will be crushed like the pathetic attempt to limit the use of the internet, which was taken care of by the 99% due to barrage of letters to Congress : the bill was crushed by a vote 10:1. The Senate wisely postponed the vote of their version of the internet restriction bill "indefinitely".  So, how are you going to win this “war” of taking away the peoples’ rights?

You didn't even think the middle class would protest much; but, would just stay home and watch the 1% take over and destroy Medicare and end all government support for public services, only funding the military in order to protect American economic interests anywhere in the world. By the way, the rest of the world already thinks of us as “bullies”. The tremendous respect we had enjoyed and deserved since WWII was totally destroyed by GW Bush who killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in a totally unjustified war in Iraq, in addition to killing thousands of Americans.   Did you notice that the media never reported casualty figures for “the other side”? After all, they were all “infidels” to the fundamentalist Christians and deserved to die, since they were going to hell anyway for not believing in Christ as their Lord and Savior.