Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Astonishing Women's Rights Victory in Texas

Today, in the Texas Legislature, totally dominated by the GOP for over 15 years, a bill that would virtually make abortions illegal, was defeated by a fierce and determined group of women from all parts of this massive State.  Radical right wing governor Rick Perry, had already struck a painful blow to women's right to control their own bodies, by closing all Planned Parenthood Clinics, became greedy and decided to try to shut down abortion clinics.  With a huge majority in the State Legislature, he expected no difficulties in pushing this bill through.  It was carefully worded to avoid being declared Unconstitutional by the courts, but never the less was clearly just that ,Unconstitutional.  The GOP was shocked by level of outrage expressed by women all over this State of 27 million people.  The loud protest did not come from just active Democrats, but from Republicans, and women of all races and cultures from every part of the state.  The tried every "backroom"political trick in the book: public hearing and votes on the measure at odd times of the day and with as little as 2 hours warning.  However, the over 700 women who came from all over Texas to Austin (the state is so huge, this meant a 10-12 hour drive for many), could not be deterred.  Through a tight communication system they showed up im mass at every meeting.  This issue came to head this morning, when on the last day of this special session, a vote was called.  Wendy Davis, a long time fierce defender of Women's rights in the state legislature, fillibustered for over 13 hours and managed to kill the bill.  I am proud to say Wendy is from home town, Fort Worth.

This remarkable upset victory in the reddest of red states send a message to the GOP:  American women WILL NOT GIVE UP THE RIGHTS THAT THEY FOUGHT SO HARD FOR IN THE LAST CENTURY.  Second, the GOP is desperate for a policy to offer the American people.  They have none that offer anything but elevating the rich at the cost of everyone else, and that has become transparent to everyone, and since it is a policy based on descrimination and hatred, it has gone as far as it can go.  There are no pools of people so steeped in hatred and enjoy fear tactics to further their goals to be tapped.  The last election was proof of that.  Mitt Romney, who represented everything the Founding Fathers ancestors left Europe to escape (if you do not know the details of the Mormons, their mission, and the specifics of how Romney made his billion dollars, you have some important homework to do), was defeated by Obama, who represents the opposite qualities---everything America has traditionlly stood for, was defeated. Even the medias desperate efforts to slant the American peoples view towards Romney, and shamefully failing to reveal the history, structure (fascist) of the Mormon church, the Mission of the Mormon Church (to take over the government of the United States, despense   with the Constitution and conert the nation into a Mormon theocracy) and the details of how Romney made his billion dollar fortune.

All major media outlets are owned and controlled by the super rich, like Rupert Murdock, a ruthless man.  The now lead us by the nose as to what they deam is news and what it not.  In a nation addicted to television in a manner consistent with Marshall McCluhan's accurate profecy, this gives the mainstream media tremendous control over how we think and what we thing about.  And in spite of this "1984" like power, Obama still won.  The people could see through the pale cast over him by the media, and see his haminity and his didication to helping the common man.  On the other hand, the mass of voters for Romney were not voting for him, but against Obama, based on their hatred of having a mixed race president.  Science has proven without a doubt that there is no basis for racism.  Our entire species came from East Africa, so we are all Africans.  Racism is just another human invention to try ro raise one own sense of inferiority by pushing someone else's down.

The recent events, not just in Texas, but in other areas of the country have demonstrated that the GOP is deeply divided, has no leadership (as exemplified by Rick Perry, a Replican candidate for President,
and are desperate.  They are resorting to what they do best: the politics of fear and hatred, and it is not only failing, but it is being crushed.  Todays events in Texas, was not just an unexpected loss on a controversial issue, it was a humiliating loss in a state that they arrogantly thought they had complete control over.  One of the common characteristics of Sociopaths, who make up the majority of what is left of the GOP leadership, is that they underestimate the capabilities of the opposition.  That is what happened today in the State Capitol of Texas.  Such events give a powerful boost to Texans that the GOP can be defeated, and greatly weakens the confidence of the arrogant leadership.

In summary we have reached a turning point is the crisis of the American people's deepest division since the Civil War.  The underdogs, the defenders of the Consitution, are gaining the upper hand over those who would destroy this country and transform it into something that would benefit a few.

This is real NEWS.