Sunday, June 9, 2013

Admiral of Pacific Fleet Acknowledges Climate Change Greatest Security Threat

Response to the following article, typical of today's "journalism" backed by the super rich that control the media.  No facts to support the author's brief and dismissive claims.  A short "sound bit" which consists of name calling "junk science", to a fact, global warming, that has been proven without a shadow of a doubt by hard core scientists, top researchers from a vast variety of disciplines throughout the world.  Mr. Holt depends on the general public's lack of intellectual curiosity and pathetic knowledge of science and it's resent history to allow his outrageous claims to go unchallenged.  Marshal McCluhan was correct when he predicted TV would make us mentally ill and specifically loose our ability to choose what is important in life AND compromise greatly our ability to do critical thinking.  This too was proven by cutting edge neurophysiologists to be true from the genetic level to the level of the intrasynaptic cleft where neurons exchange information, by c. 2003. Sadly by the most recent census data in 2011 the number of hours of TV watched per capita in the US is still rising.  Literally the "heroin" of the masses, still believed by the masses to be harmless entertainment, just as they believed when TV was introduced in the '50's.  And as McCuhan pointed out in the title of his most prophetic work, "The Medium is the Message".  Translation: whether you watch the "history channel" or "porn" or even
Rush Limbaugh, the results are the same.  The heroin like addictive behavior and the lose of important social brain functions still occur.  McCluhan died in 1980, and there is good reason to believe he would be shocked to learn that television was the Pandora's Box that caused the unraveling of every one of America's social institutions, including Government, in a single generation.
typhoon men
Terrific. We now have top military brass lecturing scholars on global warming junk science.
Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the US Pacific Command, told a group of scholars from Harvard and Tufts that the biggest security threat facing the US in the Pacific region is climate change.
Mother Jones reported:
As I wrote in Full Green Ahead in the current issue of Mother Jones, the US Navy is paying close attention—and giving far more than lip service—to the problems underway from a changing climate. But until now no one’s said it quite so loudly as Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the US Pacific Command.
Locklear met privately with scholars at Harvard and Tufts universities on Friday and said that the biggest long-term security threat in the Pacific region is climate change, reports the Boston Globe, and that significant upheaval related to the warming planet is:
“Probably the most likely thing that is going to happen… that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.” Locklear continued: “People are surprised sometimes, [but] you have the real potential here in the not-too-distant future of nations displaced by rising sea level. Certainly weather patterns are more severe than they have been in the past. We are on super typhoon 27 or 28 this year in the Western Pacific. The average is about 17.”
What’s really interesting here is that the US has declared the Asia Pacific region (and all its security issues from North Korea, China, Japan, and the South China Sea) its primary security focus.
Actually, admiral the number of major tropical storms and hurricanes has not increased over the past 30 years. There is also no evidence that tornadoes and severe storms are increasing in frequency or becoming stronger.
In a sane world Admiral Locklear would be immediately reassigned.

This is a disgusting article.  Calling Global Climate change "junk science" sounds like something coming out of the mouth of Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas.  Perry, during his 13 years as Governor has disassembled all human services in the State.  For example he has cut the funding for mental health care every year, even in years when the State had an excess of funds. In the mid 90's the State's Mental health care system was  considered a model for the country in its progressive and well funded Mental Health care system.  I know the results of the funding cuts, because I worked as a physician providing general medical care to the mentally ill at the largest of the State's Mental hospitals, the North Texas State Hospital (which also is responsible for the administration of the States Forensic unit in Vernon), from 2002 to 2010.  Our care declined steadily due to the constant budget cuts, but mostly because the State's once extensive outpatient clinics which helped discharged patients reintegrate into the community, provided access to their necessary medications, and had a psychiatrist available to see them on a regular basis and monitor their progress.  By 2009, those clinics were gone, and the hospital morale took a nose dive, because we started seeing the same patients return again and again a few weeks after discharge, because without the outpatient clinics, the quickly relapsed because they could not get their medication.  We called this group, mostly schizophrenics, "frequent fliers".
Perry, has openly stated publicly and frequently that he does not believe in: global warming (proven without a shadow of a doubt by hard nosed scientists), Global Climate Change (which has also been proven by accurate maps of the global climate of the planet in the past---whether are not we are now in a period of global climate change cannot be said simply cannot be determined with certainty because the period of unusually bad weather, only 10 years, is too short to say with certainty that we are in the beginning of a long term change.  What do the people that call Global Climate Change "junk science" think the" ice ages" were???  That phenomena was well known in the '50's, because I was taught about it in school.  I was born in 1948.  The ice ages were simply one aspect of Global Climate Change that we now know about to a vastly greater scope and our knowledge covers a vastly greater period of time.  For example we now know that the Ice Ages were just one aspect of even greater and broader climate change patterns.  For example there were periods of global drought and global warming.  The interaction of an almost unimaginable number of factors contributed to these drastic changes that occurred of hundreds of thousands of years, or even million year cycles.  Only the modern super computer, the state of the art Cray computers, made it possible to calculate probable events from the massive amount of data collected by scientists of many disciplines all over the world over the past couple of centuries.  That we have recently been able to make sense of all this data, is a scientific achievement on a par with the success of the Human Genome Project.  The writer of this junk jounalism should never be allowed to publish again.  But, it is now common knowledge, that super rich tyrants like Rupert Murdoch, do not want "the public" to know the truth about anything, so writers of this sensational and unsupported by any evidence is just what they want.  It is a continuation of last year's election, when Mitt Romney, a member of the "super rich" club and is every bit as much of a scoundrel as Murdock, was able to rattle off a continuous series of lies about Obama, nary a one support with any facts or evidence---he didn't even bother to offer it, he just went on to the next lie.  The media never called him on any of false accusations, just like there was never any investigation into his off shore bank accounts which exist for only one reason: to hid illegal money from the IRS or the FBI (arms and drug trading), or his "blood oath" committment to the Mormon Mission, which is to take over the Government of the US, dispense with the constitution, convert the nation to a Mormon theocracy, and then use the US Military to conquer the rest of the world because like so many delusional sociopaths in history, Romney believes the Mormon's are God's "chosen people" to take over a sinful world and convert them to the only "true religion".  History has demonstrated over and over when you hear the words "chosen people", bloodshed will follow and after a few conquests, the rest of the world units to crush the "chosen people".  We almost had our own Hitler, and a civil war would have erupted.  For the first time in my life I realized that the NRA and the second amendment were correct.  The populous needs to be as well armed as the military in case such a maniacal leader ever came into power.  The wisdom of the Founding Fathers became even more astonishing.  I could continue for another 1000 pages, but I think I have made my point about this "junk" journalism.  But one more thing, the Governor of Texas belief that the drought "represents no threat" to the State Capitol, that his non-management of our water recourses  is going to soon, a matter of weeks run completely out of water, anarchy will ensue, thousands of deaths will result and the magnificent city of Austin Texas will be destroyed as 80%+ of the population will leave.  Who wants to live in a "city" without power and water???