Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Addictive Nature of Television Keeps Us Easy to Control

Advertisement at the Train Station at the Midtown Commons in North Austin
  • the rich and powerful will do anything to keep you watching TV because it rots your brain and keeps you addicted and easy to control---this is not just me spouting off, but scientifically proven to the finest detail as of 2003; Marshall McCluhan was 100% correct in what he predicted would happen to a culture that watched television in his C.1960 book "The Medium is the Message"---he will be historically ranked with the likes of Newton, Einstein and Darwin---he was the only person who saw the dangers of this technology and tried to warn us, but we didn't listen and we are paying a shocking price: the unraveling of every one of Americas institutions that helped keep us strong

television also open the gates for exploitation by the unprincipled marketing of Madison Avenue who sold us junk we didn't need---this lead to dad's working extra hours to pay for the useless junk and was less available to the family---soon Mom's also left home to work to help pay for the junk that kept getting more expensive---and the final trap: if you can't afford the latest expensive junk you can have it now and PAY FOR IT LATER.  The ultimate trap of consumerism all made possible by our addiction---just as potent as heroin---to TV which looked so harmless sitting at the center of the living room---but it was the Pandora's box that destroyed America in little over a generation---tragically the latest census 2011 showed that the TV watched per capita per day was still increasing. Solution?  Same as any other treatment of addiction: first step keep the addictive substance out of the hands of the addict until they "dry out".  Translation: throw the damned things (most American homes have more than one TV per person) in the dumpster and unsubscribe to high speed internet feeds---TV can be watched on any computer or similar device like an iPad---so all the alternative modes must be eliminated.