Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not to Worry Women of Texas

The Sentinel Light of Hope with the Flare Representing It's Many Positive Unanticipated Effects

The current frantic effort by the GOP to pass the ludicrous "bill" that would make abortions available to  only a very few women, is an act of desperate effort by a party without leadership and that has nothing to offer the people of Texas except destruction, is not to be feared.  The response of the women of Texas is heart warming and a wonderful sign that the 20 year "rule" of the GOP and rick Perry is coming to an end.  Even moderate republicans cannot tolerate the iron handed ways of Perry and they have forced him to not run for another run for office.  Believe me, sociopaths like Perry do not give up or listen to reason.  The Republicans had to force him out with the same "take no prisoners" back door meetings that he has used to destroy much of what is good about the state.

More could be said about this, but the message I wish to impart is that this mish mash bill, is unconstitutional in so many ways, it will withstand a legal challenge even within the State of Texas.  Most obvious is that these dimwitted legislatures are proposing amounts to practicing medicine without a licence.  Trying to dictate what conditions are medically suitable for an abortion, is a medical decision.  By law, only doctors can make this decision.  It is that simple.

So keep raising hell with these men who are unfit for office, and VOTE EVERY ONE OF THEM OUT OF OFFICE NEXT ELECTION.  This act of desperation of denying women their rights to control their bodies, is actually a gift.  There is finally a major protest against the GOP in Texas which has turned the state into the most corrupt State in the country.  Austin will run out of water and the city will be destroyed, but that may be too late for the next election.

So, rock on women of Texas for taking the lead in protesting loudly the party that has nothing to offer except destruction.

I tip my Stetson to you.