Thursday, April 12, 2012

Water the Most Precious Substance on Earth

April 9, 2012
Reeds & Reflections

Water, we mindlessly waste most of the water we "use". That wastage combined with the pollution of large bodies of water by industrial processes (again, the improper treatment of contaminated waste water is justified on the basis of "It's to expensive" or "It will reduce our profits and people will loose their jobs"---is a smoke screen for the real reason for the negligence: greed. The companies don't give a damn about the water, the employees, or the ecology of the region or the planet). They only care about profit. And as long we accept this lame excuses, the abuse will continue. The more water that is ruined by industrial greed makes the remaining potable water even more valuable. Potable water (which means water fit for human consumption) is now the most precious substance in the world. It is an absolute necessity for life, and we either contaminate or waste it as if we are trying to commit suicide. The way we treat water, necessary for life, is the most stupid, idiotic, misinformed and thoughtless act ever done by mankind. It is even worse than war, except nuclear war. Nuclear war and running out of water have the same result: WE ALL DIE. The species, homo sapiens, that committed suicide. Think about it. 
Watering the Sidewalk in the Middle of the Night Automatically

Here is an example of water wastage in America. We live in Texas, a state that is in the 6th year of an unprecedented type of drought since records have been kept. The whole state is having a profound drought at the same time. Past droughts involved a region or two only, and there were regions that had plentiful water, so the water was simply moved from areas of plenty to areas of scarcity. That system has worked fine until now. No region has any excess. since this has never happened before, there is no alternative plan. And as yet there is no plan to make an alternative plan. We are simply paralyzed. Admittedly, even vigorous research does not reveal any easy solution. However,that is not a legitimate reason for the State not to commission an elite task force to work on solution for the problem. 25 million lives are at stake but our government is so dominated by conservative thinkers who are so radical that they don't even believe in minimal government, they don't believe in any government at all. So the Perry administration does nothing. No wasting money on figuring out a solution to the water problem, never mind that 25 million people can't live without it. No wasting money on warning the people that we are on the verge of running out of water (every professional that studies weather from local meteorologists to global climate modelers agree that Texas will run out of water sometime in this calendar year). No wasting money on warning the people that running out of water means that we will simultaneously run out of electrical power. Few people understand that the stand way to generate electricity in Texas is the steam turbine. The steam turbine has been a standard device for generating electricity for decades and the design has been perfected. Unfortunately, an inherent weakness is that for maximum efficiency they must run at high speeds and on a regular basis they run too fast and heat up rapidly. If they aren't cooled of immediately with enormous amounts of water, they continue to speed up until they explode and take the building and all nearby personnel. So it is too dangerous to run steam turbines without adequate water supplies. 
Orange Carp and Leaf in Pond Abstraction

Therefore an unformed populous due to negligent government that is theoretically profoundly flawed, with be stunned when suddenly they have no water and no electricity. No one at any level is making contingency plans, and this lack of panning will be catastrophic for many people. There will be a panic. People will buy every thing on the shelves at the supermarkets that is drinkable, but all retail may be forced to close due to current health and safety regulations. City agencies will have to revise the regulations on an emergency basis. Communications will be disrupted because not all communications facilities have generators designed for anything but emergency short term use. This power outage will last a couple of years until power lines will have to be built from distant cities. Texas is not part of the national energy grid. People will flee the state by the millions creating a traffic jam for 1000 mile on ever highway going east or north from Texas. Millions will die in their cars for lack of food ,water, or gas. Many could be saved if we were prepared, but because our consevative government doesn't believe that we have a problem and if did it is not their job to do anything about it, the losses in lives will be vastly higher than it would be if we were prepared. But you can't prepare for something you don't know about. Just think, we elected Perry 4 times. We are idiots for not seeing that he is so totally incompetent, even though he was hand picked by another incompetent, GW Bush.Morris Creedon-McVean