Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mitt Romney: The Most Dangerous Man in America

Response to an Analysis of Mitt Romney’s 2010 Tax Return
April 17, 2012                              Revised April 19,2012

Weathered Phone Book in a Trash Pile

Since Romney will not release his 2011 tax return for a variety of excuses, some of them clearly planned we can learn a lot from his past returns.  Here are a few comments on what is revealed in the 2010 return.  Since tax returns vary little from year to year, especially when complex deductions are involved, the 2010 return can give us a very idea of what to expect from the 2011 return.

Since Romney as High Priest of the Mormon has complete power over the organization, which is run in a fascist manner, he makes the rules and everyone else obeys them. A "charitable donation" to the Mormon "church" is essential a donation to himself.  How the IRS allows this deduction is either incompetence or corruption.  And he has been getting away with this for years.  He doesn't donate anything to charities that benefit the non-Mormon American people.  These tax return shows his true colors: primary allegiance is to his "church" which he has total control, a tax evader of the highest order, a billionaire who pays 1/3 of the tax rate of the American middle class and cheats to accomplish that, "A selfish me first" sociopathic personality type,  will lie about anything to gain an advantage for himself.  There are so many facts in this return that prove he is a liar and a criminal, and so far from living the life expected of a good American, that it is a national embarrassment that he even has received consideration as a presidential candidate.  He is worse that my own state's Rick Perry, which I didn't think was possible.  And the tax return doesn't include the major issue of the Mormon mission statement ,which is to take over the US  Government and convert our country to a Mormon Theocracy.  Yes, the changed the wording or their mission statement and the operational strategies to avoid prosecution as traitors, but changing a few words doesn't change their beliefs or their behavior.  Mitt Romney is the most dangerous person in this country.  GOP members who will vote for him just to get Obama out of office, are making a mistake that has unfathomable repercussions.  He will try to run this country the way he runs his church, like a fascist dictator.  He reminds me of Mussolini.  He has no allegiance to the Republican Party or the People of the United States of America.
Morris Creedon-McVean

Subtle Warning