Thursday, April 19, 2012

Texans at the Gas Pump

Update on the Implications of Running Out of Water in Texas
April 19, 2012

Cracks in the Subsoil Uncovered by a D6 Cat Road Building

Fellow Texans, it is an urgent matter that you consider what your government is not telling you. We are on the verge of running out of water. Our negligent state government has not even emphasized the severity of the water shortage. Perhaps, of even greater importance, they have not even mentioned the connection between water shortage and electrical power generation. This is a simple matter. We generate electricity by burning natural gas to produce steam that powers a standard turbine generator. These turbines have been an industry standard for years and they have been perfected. However, inherit in the design is the fact that they frequently overheat over heat, and if not immediately cooled with large amounts of water they explode and destroy the building and all employees in the vicinity. It is simply too dangerous to run these electrical turbines without large amounts of water in reserve. Therefore, when we run out of water we simultaneously run out of electricity. This dreadful combination of the sudden lack of a necessity of life and the energy we rely upon for everything else that we do, will produce a  terrifying panic.

Consider this scenario: you wake up one morning and you have no water, so you decide to drive to the supermarket to buy some water or other  drinkable liquids. But you discover that your car is almost out of gas. So you stop at the convenient gas station and are shocked because the station cannot pump gas because they have no electrical power. You ask where the nearest station is where gasoline is obtainable. You are told that there are no stations with electrical power and therefore none of the stations in the area can pump gas. You panic. But you decide to take the chance and try to make it to the grocery store to buy essential fluids. You make it to the grocery store literally on fumes as the car dies as you enter the parking lot. There are strangely few cars in the parking lot. But some helpful people help push her car out of the way, and while very willing to help their mood is dour. Your anxiety level increases because you sense that something is very wrong. There is a written notice on the supermarket door that says that the Department of Health has closed the store because they sell food to be consumed on the premises and required to have toilets available. And while they have toilets they are not functional because there is no water to flush them. Now, what do you do?

This is a very likely scenario based on current conditions. The health apartment has no plans to loosen their requirements to meet health codes. And as slowly as such bureaucracies move it maybe 2 weeks before they allow the supermarket to reopen. However, human beings can only live for 3 days without water. What do you do now? You have no choice but to walk home, but it is 100° and you have no fluids to drink. You are also starting off on this 5 mile trek in a dehydrated state since you have just awoken and have had no fluids available for rehydration. So, the simple act of walking 5 miles home becomes a life threatening exercise since you have lived in air-conditioning your entire life and have lost your ability to adapt to hot weather. You suddenly become aware that the air is filled with the sounds of sirens merged to medical services are already over well with holes for medical help. You have never seen anything like this and it comes as a big surprise because the possibility of this occurrence has not even been mentioned by the government nor the media. In addition to having no idea as to the best course of action, you feel totally betrayed by the entire society to the point where it seems that this situation could be some sort of plot to destroy Austin, Texas