Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texas Drought a Key to Exposing Sociopaths in Government

Drought in Texas holds the key to
Defeating the Sociopaths
April 6, 2012

Pushing the Earth with a D6 Cat

In spite of being in the 6th year of the worst drought in Texas history, the developer is extending the road (which I can see from my back porch) for more development sections, in spite of the fact that the drought is going to destroy the economy of the state very soon.  It is incredible waste, and painful to see 1000 mature trees knocked down.  It has been emotional torture to be at home the last two days.  Today, my wife had to leave for 6 hours until the work day was over.  The greed driven society led by an army of sociopaths in government and at the top of most large corporations are ruining this country in so many ways it is hard to count them.  It will take a revolution to stop them unless we vote the majority of them out of office, and vote their replacements out of office immediately if they behave the same way.  but that is slow way to weed out the sociopaths.  They will continue to deal out copious amounts of misery in the time it will take to tell them no at the polls.  It is driving me crazy that I can see what is coming, I know why it is happening, and how to fix it, but I can't get any significant audience to listen to me.  The climactic catastrophe in Texas may be a gift in that it will so horrible to watch at least 6 million people die and the economy crushed because the sociopath didn't warn people what was coming.  It is crime of negligence that will rival that of Hitler.  Science has warned us for 3 decades the the ecosystem was teetering on the edge of collapse.  We ignored it.  Our nations success was based on constant growth and wasteful use of natural resources.  But Malthus was right.  There isn't enough to go around if the population is allowed to grow beyond the limits of the capacity of the earth to support it.  There is no room for waste any more.  Twenty years ago we Americans (5% of the worlds population) used 30% of the worlds energy.  Even with that knowledge and a great many people pushing for economic reform, the sociopaths at the controls blocked every attempt to change the economy of growth and waste because they were making such huge profits.  The examples of their overt negligence such as the Valdez, are "too numerous to count".  The environmental movement protested mightily but were ignored because sociopaths care nothing about anything or anyone but them selves.  The mass of the populous was blind to this, and were to sedated by the narcotic of TELEVISION, and didn't take the time or the effort to figure it out.  More and more sociopaths were voted into office because they are very convincing liars.  Few bothered to follow up on election promises and behavior, so they told people what they wanted to hear to get elected and then did whatever they damned well pleased once in office.  Wolves in the henhouse.  We watched it but didn't see.  But now we will pay.  Megadeath daily for a couple of years on our own soil. We now know for certain what the source of evil in the world is and has always been, the sociopath.  A genetic defect in 1% of the population, that renders them unable to tell right from wrong from birth.  They can't be changed.  Psychiatrists have understood this for decades.  But now we have anatomical and genetic proof of who they are and why they are the way they are.  And a peaceful, kind, adaptive society, that can have a chance to cope with the threatening climactic changes we are going to be faced with cannot tolerate the sociopath.  If they are free to do what they want, they will sabotage ALL of our best efforts and intentions, and our species will be at the brink of extinction.  Perhaps science will figure out a way to modify their behavior, but until then, they must be locked up and isolated from society.  It sounds cruel,  but they are the essence of cruelty: THEY TORTURE AND KILL FOR FUN.  No other type of person does that.  But they are easy to defeat by a unified opposition because they will not fight for anything but themselves.  They hang out together because they can combine their treachery to enhance their profits.  But when pressed in a battle the betray each other.  The are just as incapable of loyalty as the are of telling the truth.  They are helpless against a unified force.  If you understand this, there is no reason to fear that they will win.  Yes, the can deal out death and suffering as they go down, because they pay others to fight for them.  But they cannot instill loyalty in their troops because the cannot offer any.  The troops know they will be betrayed the moment it is convenient.  Patton knew this secret of war fare: loyalty trumps everything else when weaponry is anywhere close to equal.  He defeated Germans with far superior tanks, because his troops believed in him.  Patton directed his troops from the front lines, he was often in the lead tank during an offensive maneuver.  He didn't ask his troops to take any risk that he was not willing to take himself.  So, Patton, a little bit of a maniac, demonstrated something of critical importance to Americans today: LOYALTY is the key to defeating the sociopath.  People that love each other will defeat the people that are incapable of loving any one or anything.