Thursday, April 19, 2012

Current Political Situation as of Mid April 2012

Review of current Political Siuuation
April 8, 2012

Our drab alienating cities need more art everywhere; especially art that reminds us that we can CHOOSE to reject this WORK WORK WORK until you drop life that is necessary to support our consumerism- based life style. So much of our work is for unneeded and/or wasteful life style. An urban environment rich with art and music would mean taking a walk would be more interesting than watching TV. As Marshall McLuhan predicted in 1960 in"The Media is the Message", instant electronic information would overwhelm our evolved capacity to process it and respond appropriately. Thus, we would be forced to cut off some of the stimulation. But being unaware of the internal process and the what and why's, we cut off our relationhips,local issues that need action , the infestation of our government with sociopaths who had but one goal: serve their own selfish needs (usually to get rich, now get richer). These self serving people who are born without a necessary brain center that enables a person to empathize and tell right from wrong. They make great liars since they see nothing wrong with doing it. They told us what we wanted to hear, we believed them, and they got elected. As consumerism accelerated (often by creating things we didn't need them convincing us with half-truths and overt lies that we needed them), we worked more to pay for things we didn't need, watched TV more (too tired to do anything else), and ignored our families, schools, and politicians,who stopped even having conversations about "what's best for the American People", at least two decades ago. The only question on Capital Hill was and is, how can we leverage our positions of power to enhance our fortunes. The lobbyists were more than pleased to purchase their votes on any legislation that would help them increase their profits. So, after thirty years of this cycle, we awaken to find we are engaging in an unjustified war because a President allowed a terrorist attack on NYC to get the American people agitated enough not to resist the war. The Congress, who by then was composed almost entirely of sociopaths, didn't oppose it; and, now 11 years later, we are still fighting it. The 1.5 trillion dollar cost almost bankrupted the nation, and what economic strength was remaining was stolen by sociopathic bankers. We discover we have been lied to about all of the nefarious activities, the perpetrators of which were not only not accused of a crime, not punished, but richly rewarded, merely going to another bank. Now, we are fighting to take back control of our government, and return to following the constitution with a couple of needed ammendments. We, the people, will triumpth. The big question is: can this revolution be accomplished without violence.
The best chance we have is for a wholesale turnover of incumbants in the November elections.