Friday, July 17, 2015

Weather and Disease Reporting as a Method of Fear Mongering

Weather and Disease Reporting as a Method of Fear Mongering

July 15, 2015

The super-rich who own and control all major media outlets are using weather "new" into a method of keeping the public afraid, and this post is a perfect example.  The CDC is manipulated to do the same thing every time a new "lethal" virus shows up anywhere in the world.  They always reference the new viral threat to the pandemic after WWII that killed 20 million people.  But in EVERY INSTANCE since 1918, there has never been in such an occurrence.  There is some aspect of viral disease transmission that the CDC does not understand.  They state that world travel makes these lethal viruses more easily spread, but my son (a biology/chemistry major) and I think the opposite is true. World travel exposes all travelers to 1000 times (a rough guess) more organisms than a century ago.  These small doses of exposure prime the immune system to attack newly mutated organisms which are only slight variants of the organisms that world travelers have already been "inoculated" against, the killer mutants are quickly defeated.  Not long ago a lethal virus showed up in Mexico, not far from the border.  The CDC issues a panicked alert.

Rest of the story: only ten deaths resulted, all Mexicans in the hospital where the killer virus was discovered.  No spread of the disease even in Mexico.  One American potentially exposed and he returned to the States, and never became ill in any way. Ten deaths from any cause is tragic. But was this drama fabricated by elite disease watchdogs worthy of being called “news” and frightening millions of people?  America still has 30,000 deaths per year due to drinking and driving; something we could do something about if we had the political will, but we don’t.

Climate Change, and its cause, Global Warming, which we homo sapiens are the sole cause is the most important “news” in the history of our species, and we can do something about that:  STOP USING FOSSIL FUELS.  But were are so frightened we are paralyzed and so far have done NOTHING about this news that threatens the extinction of our species in a generation or two.  Who benefits from our idiotic behavior?  The already obscenely super rich.  We are in effect committing suicide so the rich can get richer before we fry our entire species due to global warming? Marshall McCluhan predicted that TV would make us mentally ill in the late 50’s, and we didn’t listen.  He predicted we would loose our sense of values, loose our ability to think critically, and become addicted to TV in precisely the manner that people become addicted to heroin. Every thing he predicted has come true, as illustrated by the examples above.  Researchers have figured out the exact mechanisms by which TV causes us to latterly “loose our minds” by 2003.  Still we do nothing to combat our TV addiction, will become catastrophic if because we are unable to cope with Global Warming because of our TV addiction, in effect, TV will be the instrument by which the super-rich led us like lemmings to suicidal extinction of our species.  So the super rich will be even more obscenely rich as we all perish.

Come on Americans, we are better than that.  Let’s at least give stopping Global Warming our best effort, and go down swinging.  There is at least some honor in that.  But to be lead to our demise by a tiny fraction of the population who cannot tell right from wrong is idiotic and wrong by any belief system that values life itself.  Take the power and money away from these selfish antisocial money hoarders, and fight for our lives.  You got anything better to do???????

Final note:  Roosevelt and Congress taxed the rich at 95% during WWII, and the rich didn’t even complain (at least in public).  Extinction by Global Warming is so much a bigger threat, that it is not even worthy of a detailed comparison.

A gentleman and a scholar
Austin, Texas