Thursday, July 30, 2015

Definition of Addiction

Definition of Addiction

This is the clinical definition of addiction:
An activity that a person does in an obsessive manner, which means  that you feel driven to the activity a lot (most of the time).  It can be using a drug, sexual activity, shopping, gambling, repetitive relations with dangerous people (women who are attracted to dangerous abusive men---actually have a shorter life span than women addicted to alcohol).
You learn that the activity is damaging to your life which can be social, economic, health---any type of detrimental effect.
After learning that the behavior is damaging to you or your life in general, you continue to do the behavior, you are ADDICTED TO IT, and need to seek help, professional help from a mental health person or an organization like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Thus, with the massive amount of research that proves that television is detrimental health, and more specifically your values about what is important in life, your ability to think critically, and your inability to stop watching, television watching is definitely an addiction, and a very dangerous one to the society within one lives.  Choosing (by voting) individuals with nefarious intent like sociopaths, has already almost ruined the nation monetarily, and damaged our respect with other nations.  The Global Warming will be almost impossible to stop with these people with evil intent remaining in positions of power, so our survival as a species is at stake.  The federal census bureau last data shows that the hours per day per capita of television is still increasing, and that makes coping successfully with television addiction much more difficult, but IT MUST BE DONE.

An intensive national campaign by AA, medical societies, mental health organizations is what is needed.  This essay is a “call to arms” for all who desire that our nation and our species survive.

A gentleman and a scholar,
Austin, Texas

July 29, 2015