Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Open Letter to AA Concerning the Crisis in Television Addiction


This Country is having, by far, the greatest crisis in our history.
Our government is failing miserably to govern in the manner specified
By the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
The Constitution is in tatters and only hanging by a few threads.

People in power have violated the Constitution, without receiving punishment.  We have lost our most precious freedom: Freedom of Speech.
This is due to Dick Cheney’s Patriot Act.

Fourteen years ago President Bush invaded Iraq.  The Constitution specifically states that only Congress can declare war.  Due to The Patriot Act, however no public official (including the Attorney General!) has stood up and accused Bush of this violation.

Our values and our critical thinking are grossly impaired as evidenced by the fact that we elected Bush and Cheney TWICE, and they almost brought the nation into bankruptcy and alienated every country in the world by breaking every treaty this country ever signed.  Obama, a political miracle, restored the country’s respect and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he was inducted into office because of his respectful attitude towards other nations and he wasn’t George Bush.

It will probably take a civil war to regain our constitutional rights.
Those who control the government as well as those who control almost all of the major corporations are sociopaths.  Sociopaths cannot change their behavior, which includes a profound desire to create misery for others.  Sociologists have done multiple studies and estimate that 99% of the misery men have perpetrated on other men have been executed by sociopaths.    Sociopaths comprise 0.9% of every population on the Planet, and cannot be changed by rational talk.  Obama did not understand, and neither did anyone else except child psychiatrists who had been diagnosing future sociopaths in infancy for over 3 decades, when he first took office and tried to negotiate in the manner of his hero, Abraham Lincoln. But fortunately Obama is a quick study and changed his tactics successfully and managed to trick the opposition into supporting enhanced benefits for veterans and other legislation.

Sociologists have done excellent studies which point to sociopaths as being the source of evil throughout history.  Hitler is the 20th century’s model sociopath. Sociopaths respond to only two stimuli: money and bullets.  They have all the money, so our options are obviously limited in removing their power and emptying their pockets.


Another unexpected crisis has been the recent scientific research that indicates that burning Fossil Fuels is the sole cause of Global Warming, which threatens the survival of our species.  It is the super-rich sociopaths as well as the enormous international corporations that benefit from this near-frantic burning of Fossil Fuels which adds more wealth to their already obscene riches.  Hoarding money in a world in which 2 billion people are starving or are constantly on the verge of starvation has no moral or ethical basis.  In fact, it could be considered to be a form of manslaughter.  There is a historical precedent for taxing the rich at a rate that makes a “graduated income tax” a reality.  During WWII Roosevelt and Congress taxed the rich at 95% and they didn’t complain (at least in public).  Today’s Global Warming crisis is a much greater threat than the Axis powers were in WWII.

We have only 1-2 generations in which to stop using Fossil Fuels and develop sustainable economies.  This effort must be Worldwide !

To make both of these issues even more difficult, we have a Nation of television addicts (getting to my point) who have experienced a lose of a sense of what is valuable in life. There has been a loss of critical thinking.  These characteristics were first predicted by Marshall Mcluhan in his 1958 book “The Medium Is the Message”.  His theory has confirmed by cutting-edge scientific research in 2003. This arena of biological based behavior is so hot that the many top notch researchers engaged in furious paced studies do not even have time to publish professional studies for journals.  Besides they are reluctant to devote time to writing because whatever they write will be out of date by the time it is published. This is also the reason there are only a very few books written on the subject.  The best are by Peter Whybrow (and Oxford trained Psychiatrist who spent the last 30 years working with elite American neurophysiologists and geneticists in California) the highly acclaimed “American Mania: When More is Not Enough” in 2005 and the recently published “The Well Tuned Brain: Neuroscience & the Life Well Lived”, a certain winner for the Nobel Prize for 2015.

The amount of television viewing that is responsible for these various aspects of cognitive loss varies from person to person.  Preliminary data, however, indicates that 4-5 hours per day is enough to pull the viewer into the heroin-like addictive loop.  A rough estimate is that at least 50% of the adult population is addicted to television, though the denial of this fact is strong among the well-educated and well-paid portion of the population.
Denial has always been the biggest barrier in any addictive process.
It is imperative that AA rapidly develop a program for television addicts.  Such a program will accelerate the recovery of millions of gifted people. Then their full cognitive capacity will be available to join in the efforts to battle the two crises I described above.

It is imperative for AA to develop this program due to the emergent issues stated above.  In addition, the latest data from the Census Bureau indicates that the hours per day per capita is still increasing in the United States.  We have a big problem that is getting bigger.  Every effort must be employed to stop this monstrous source of addictive mental illness and reverse the trend. Ironically, television and other media are essential to raise the awareness of the television addiction.  The needed funds must be found because our survival as a nation and as a species are at stake.  Perhaps the philanthropy of stellar citizens like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Michael Dell could be enlisted. An all-out effort by AA is a must if we hope to defeat the sociopaths that are destroying our Country.  It is imperative that it is brought to the attention of all in our Country that the super-rich are made that much richer by burning Fossil Fuels in the industrial process that creates consumer goods (that are also distributed around the world that no one needs !)

I welcome communication with the decision-makers at AA in order to clarify any issues that may be unclear.  As I previously stated : this is the greatest challenge that we have ever faced as a species. AA can play a large contribution to the outcome of these challenges that are the greatest we as American and homo sapiens have ever faced.

Please do not hesitate to call me at 512-586-1626 (and you may also leave a voice-mail)
Email me at : mcreedonmcvean@gmail.com
Write to me at 12624 Timber Heights Drive  Austin  78754.

I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Morris Creedon-McVean, D.O.
A gentleman and a scholar,
Austin, Texas
July 28, 2015