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Health Care for Profit The Time Has Come for This Idiocy to Stop

Health Care for Profit
The Time Has Come for This Idiocy to Stop

Figure 1My Father's Copy of the Constitution and the book "Children of Yesteryear" describing the war in the Pacific where he served as a Marine Medic

The most totally absurd claim of the Tea party---the main promoter of the idiocy of doing away with Medicare, Medicaid, and every other humanitarian rules/laws---is that if people who get sick and are not insured, it costs 5-10x as much as ACA. Result: since hospitals are run for profit, and they take their 30% profit of the top, and spend what's left on patient care, they raise the rates of those that have insurance to make up for the ER loses. Health care is a 1.6 trillion dollar a year industry, THAT'S RIGHT 1600 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. Thirty percent profit is a number beyond most people’s comprehension. Health care is the biggest and most profitable industry in the country, Even bigger than the Military Industrial Complex.

Have no illusions, we all get sick, no matter how good your habits. Weakness to certain diseases are written in the genes we inherit from our parents. To have sickness is to be human. This country has the most sophisticated health care capability in the world. BUT ONLY THE RICH HAVE HASSLE FREE ACCESS TO IT. This is an ethical and moral crime against all of humanity. Exporting medical technology is our biggest money maker (at least it was a decade ago).

Think about it. Through the philanthropy of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Michael Dell, children in Africa can get measles vaccine, but children of poor parents in Texas cannot. Texas has slashed it Medicare budget to the very marrow and ranks 51st (yes, less than the ghetto in Washington DC), while having the 10th largest economy in the world. The previous Governor, Rick Perry, refused 9.5 billion in essentially free money from the Obama administration.

In effect Perry, who still considers himself a candidate for President (what a joke--that's not funny) said to hell with the children in Texas who get measles and suffer hearing loss, or who perish (measles has a 5% mortality rate, as it weakens the immune system much like AIDS and the die of pneumonia.). I know this from personal experience. I was born in 1948 and had a bad case of measles. Missed 3 months of school and developed pneumonia, but my father a medic for the Marines in the Pacific recognized my illness and got me the proper medical care. I still have a hearing loss as a common condition to measles victims.  The current American population has no fear or respect for vaccinations because the immunization system is so effective they have never seen the ravages it used to inflict on children world wide, and still does in developing nations.  Same mentality goes for polio which crippled or killed millions of children prior to the Salk vaccine. 

Americans are ignorant of the history of infectious diseases, just as we are ignorant of history in general.  The public schools are in a state of total failure to educate our children with basic skills, yes even reading and writing, and basic knowledge like history, geography, basic arithmetic, and on and on.  George Bush’s testing fetish set the public school system back to the early 1800’s when there was no universal education.  The Methodist Church is largely responsible for making elementary education available to all children, and their system morphed into law requiring children to attend school.  How many of you readers are aware of these basic facts about the history of education system in this country?

When the Frenchman, Alex de Tocqueville, toured the United States in the 1831, he was struck by the fact that no mater what dirt road he traveled, the residents all read newspapers and were well informed about current events at home and abroad. These impressions were recorded in his book “Democracy in America” in which he attempted to inform their “fading aristocracy” and an emerging “democratic order” which he saw as “an equation that balanced liberty with equality.”

World map indicating literacy by country in 2013 (2013 UN Human Development Report and Individual statistics departments) Grey = no data

World illiteracy halved between 1970 and 2005.
Literacy is traditionally understood as the ability to read and write.[1] The term's

We take universal literacy for granted, but the above graphs show a very disturbing trend world wide.

And now, with regressive governments like that of Texas is attempting to throw all that away?  Texas spends less per student in the public schools that every state except Alabama.  A trip to Alabama is like time travel to the early 50’s before the Civil Rights Movement.  Go there today, and you will wonder if there ever was a Civil Rights anything.  There is fortunately an alternative for those parents that cannot afford private schools: home schooling, which is highly organized and is very effective.  But it requires time and effort on the part of the parents, and the many families that live hand to mouth with on or both parents working two jobs, home schooling is not a viable alternative for many poor families.

As Abraham Lincoln,the Father of Conservative politics said:  “The function of Government is to provide for the people what they cannot provide for themselves.”  By this standard, the Governments of Texas and many other extremist conservative states, Government is failing miserably, in fact so miserable that a revolution (meaning voting the Greedy Sociopaths that govern the state in an sadistic manner).  Saddistic may sound a bit harsh to some, but to have a generation of children doomed to being “wage slaves”, which is taken directly from the plot hatched at the School of Economics at the University of Chicago in the early ‘70’s who misread the unraveling of America’s institutions as a flaw in the Constitution, when the real culprit was television as precisely predicted by Marshall McCluhan in the late 1950’s. McCluhan’s work was quickly forgotten and he died in 1980.  However, cutting edge research by psychiatrists, geneticists, and neurologists revived McCluhan’s writing as one researcher observed “heavy TV watchers have the same behavioral characteristics as heroin addicts”, and another member of the team recalled that McCluhan had written something similar.  Re-reading mcCluhan’s work verified that statement and the team changed directions, and by 2003 had identified the mechanism by which the mental illness McCluhan predicted.  Sadly, even though we know that TV is the culprit for America’s descent into a selfish addiction to consumerism, the habit is so ingrained in our culture that the hours of TV watched per capita is still increasing as of the most recent census.

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