Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chemical Warfare and Global Warming

Chemical Warfare and Free Will
June 21, 2015

Dave, the catapulting of infected bodies was an anecdote that I was not aware of.  Insightful to call this action "chemical warfare": long before science discovered the mechanisms of microbes and the precise mechanism of infectious disease.  Man's inhumanity to man has seen no limits in the history of our species.  Much of the brutality stemmed from a religious "belief" that one side or another believed they were God's "the chosen people" to rid the landscape of the nonbelievers.  This was basic theme of the Crusades.

Now we are up against the wall in two ways: first since the cold war use of nuclear warfare meant mutual self destruction; and now the madness of burning fossil fuels in the pursuit of vast wealth for a few, while billions starve, threatens to cause a mass extinction of all living biological creatures, including ourselves.  This form of suicide is happening so fast, that if we don't change our lifestyles from consumerism to self restoring economies, and strip those super rich who run the economic show of their money and power, in a generation we will have triggered the fastest extinction in history (there have been five, and the previous all took millions of years from the overheating of the atmosphere to extinction).  Our species will have "achieved" an extinction cycle in a nanosecond of geological time.

 The world must embrace altruism and sustainable economies in 1 to 1.5 generations.  We must "allow" or survival instincts to override our selfishness.  This includes taking away the obscene wealth of the sociopaths, the source of Evil throughout the history of our species, by force if necessary.  Ironically, we now know how to build a humane society for the first time in our history.  Lock up the sociopaths, and the rest of us just live by the Golden Rule.  Some left wingers will scream about their "civil rights"; but people who cannot tell right from wrong and relish in creating misery in all other members of our species, have no civil rights.  They commit mass murder every day by hoarding money that could keep billions from starving.  Call it manslaughter if you like, but they are murderers just the same.  Pragmatically, we must identify them up and lock them up.  Beliefs like "free will" will get us all killed along with every other creature on the planet.  Sociopaths have no free will as their biological driven hatred of everyone but themselves, gives them no choice at all about how to behave.  FREE WILL is a nice religious fantasy, but it is not the truth.

Note:  FDR and Congress taxed the rich at 95% during WWII, and the rich did not complain (at least in public).  So there is a president for taxing the rich when the survival of the nation is at risk, which it certainly is now.  Global Warming is a much greater risk than the Axis powers were in WWII.

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