Thursday, March 1, 2012

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President Obama’s Respect for the Constitution and its provisions for the
Regulation of commerce., specifically as related to healthcare.
February 23, 2012

President Obama has been criticized by the GOP for showing disregard for the Constitution and the power of the government to regulate commerce.  "Obama care" has no meaning to me, except that the legislation regarding health care reform was weak and didn't change anything of substance. I do know the details of how the health care system works. It works pathetically. While our elite care is tops in the world, we have a profound problem of access. The waste in the system from health care corporations approaches that of the military industrial complex. We have discussed the waste and ethical vacuum for the very old and the very young (neo-natal bills in excess of a million dollars). Some ethical decision has to be made that draws a line on birth weights below which we simply can do nothing due to cost constraints This is especially applicable for young couples who can get pregnant again. Very thorough and repeated studies have shown that a very high percentage of miscarriages involve malformed fetuses. I can't quote the latest studies; but ,I'm talking about 60-80%. In other words, miscarriages, which is what super-preemies are,(they would die in minutes without a million dollars of high tech and highly trained intensive round the clock EXPENSIVE care, which is highly profitable for hospitals.) To put it simply, hospitals encourage this madness: an attempt at 100% successful pregnancies, which is totally against the laws of nature.  The tremendous profits help pay for the 50,000 + people who come to the emergency room and get what would be $100 patient care in a doctor’s office, for $1000 in the ER. This is no exaggeration.  I am not promoting that the government make these decisions, but panels of doctors, nurses and laymen, none of whom have any economic interest in the hospitals or the companies that run them. Common sense has been thrown out the window in medicine. Completely. Insurance companies, who make huge profits, make more decisions about patient care than do the doctors ! Doctors do more and more data entry, 98% of which is duplication ! Doctors are RAPIDLY being run out of the system; either by rules and regulations or personal choice---who can put up with a minimum of 7 years of grueling training to be a glorified clerk? I know that this is all true. There is nothing Obama could have pushed through congress, which is owned by the current entities that make huge profits from the status quo. I talk to many doctors, the great majority of whom are just as disgusted with the current system as am I.  They all say nothing has changed; and, there is nothing on the table in the foreseeble future to change it. The United States will continue to have the highest infant mortality rate of all modern countries and worse than some developing nations. This prooves that this neonatal nonsense is getting the people nowhere. It just makes profits for health care corporations. Our health care organizations have the highest profits in the world. How Obama is a threat to "freedom" in all this is totally beyond me.   These distraction techniques and tactics are nothing but lies and deception. They must be clever or intelligent people wouldn't buy it. I am an insider, and I know the truth and they are not telling it. I think to lie and mislead the public on matters as important as health care---life and death--- is criminal. It is political manslaughter.

Awakening to a Rainbow of New Possibilities

Morris Creedon-McVean, D.O.
March 1, 2012