Monday, March 26, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Aussie Man's Best Friend

Dave, your interpretation of animal (and human) expressions is uncanny.  He follows my every move and learns my patterns to the point that he knows what I'm going to do next even before I do.  Aussie is the prototype of dog that spawned dozens of novels and supporting casts in novels of substance, and the moniker "Man's Best Friend."  All I need to do to obtain a top-notch image is to find him in good light, is to call his name and his attention is riveted on me until I finish shooting, say "good dog"; then he comes to me for a good pet and I tell him what a good dog he is.  IF he seems to want to go do something else, I say "You can go now, Aussie", he takes a few steps, and looks back at me to be sure it is OK.  What did I do to deserve such unconditional love?  The grace of God is the only answer I can comprehend.  Same goes for my wife.  It is oh so true:  "By the grace of God go I."  Amen.

March 27, 2012
Response to comment on this image on Flicker (mcreedonmcvean)

Aussie in the Golden Light