Monday, March 19, 2012

Birth of a Book: A Unified Theory of Biological Behavior and Human History

Unified Theory of Biology Behavior and Human History
March 14, 2012

neuronal cleft and neurotransmitter molecules
Last night the cumulative effort of observing human behavior as a physician, especially the past 8 years of work at Texas largest mental hospital, and the years of reading broadly hundreds of non-fiction books describing the latest development in many fields finally coalesced into a mental outline for a book that could make a difference to humanity in these confusing and chaotic times.  I envision something like Jarod Diamond's Guns Germs and Steel, however I will go further.  I will not only present a different biological basis of history, but given the breakthroughs in neuorophysiology, genetics and ecology and the very recent discovery of the violent nature of our planet's "normal" weather, I will offer an outline for a path that will lead to some answers. 

What I've been seeking over the past decades came together in a way that explains why all our human attempts at governance have failed.  There IS EVIL in the world; and this EVIL has sabotaged all of our best efforts.  The EVIL exists in the form of the SOCIOPATH. These humans have inherited a genetic remnant from our days as animals.  They cannot tell right from from wrong.  Their world is themselves and objects that they manipulate in order to meet their base animals needs for food, water, sex, power, control, self preservation, and delight in dishing out pain and suffering.  Some of these desires are even reptilian in nature, like lust and eating other creatures alive.  We find the language used in the past to describe this as something akin to Black Magic, with phrases like "he's possessed by the Devil".  However quaint, this language was descriptive and correct, as far as our knowledge of the biology of behavior went at the time.  The sociopath sabotages our most modern attempts at governance.  Pure Conservatism, no government, results in the sociopaths taking control of vast amounts of wealth and power because they see nothing wrong with lying, cheating, killing ---even genocide. Too much government and they rise in the system and within the system take more than their share, again by cheating.  Communism proved this as the sociopathic leadership who lived like kings showed the same disdain for the people they ruled as their capitalistic counterparts.  So either ethical or Conservatism or Liberalism would probably work except for two factors: the sociopaths sabotage both, and the newly discovered reality of ecology---the natural limits of the planetary system to support our excessive consumption that the planet cannot sustain.  We can't change the ecological limits of the planet, but we can control our population growth and the way we utilize the earth's resources.  We can also learn to recognize the sociopaths and isolate them.  The next step is to eliminate their defective genes from the gene pool.  This will be very controversial since “genetic engineering” is an emotional issue for many, and I will leave it to others to decide how to carry out this obviously desirable step.

The climactic changes are the biggest threat to the survival of our speciess, and to maximize our chances we must have governments that are altruistic, flexible, and highly cooperative to aid each other and deal with the necessary mass migrations the climactic changes will dictate (as in the Sudan).  We cannot afford the profound capacity for sociopathic leadership to sabotage those efforts.  It is estimated that this source of EVIL (1% of the population,) causes 99% of the social misery.  They CANNOT be taught morality or ethics.  They are biological incapable; just you or I are incapable of running the 100 meters in 9 seconds.  So what was the survival advantage of this destructive bit of genetic code as described so insightfully by Wallace and Darwin 150 years ago?  None.  But, their hyper sexuality and joy in brutally rapping women and/or assembling large cadres of young women, which they impregnated by the hundreds or thousands assured the survival of their defective genes. Most of their offspring didn't manifest the antisocial traits but they carried the genes as a recessive trait.  Those that did express the antisocial traits were killed for their misdeeds or imprisoned and died there, but not before they passed on the traits by impregnating many women. And a critical few were smart enough to avoid punishment, and rise to positions of power in every powerful institution in human history.

This is the first time I have put this all together in a cohesive and thorough manner.  I think it not only explains aspects of history that have been previously mysterious or incomprehensible, but it also, as a result, gives us a clear direction to proceed.  This direction has been what has been so painfully missing in every human endeavor one chooses to look.  Chaos and confusion so overwhelming that we become paralyzed and out of desperation isolate our selves or put ourselves to sleep with heroin, from poppies or electronic media. This new understanding of the biological basis of human behavior gives us a path of action that will make our lives less stressful, less confusing, and less fearful.  It gives us a much greater chance of surviving as a species.  It has the power to give us hope.

Clouds of Drought Self Organizing

Morris Creedon-McVean, D.O.
Austin, Texas (the Great State with no water)