Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Corruption in Texas

Corruption in Texas

You say you have learned the ways of the real world.  How ethics and loyalty mean nothing.  However, you have learned these bitter lessons in the most regressive State in the United States. This State is fully committed to the plot that originated at the University of Chicago in the early 70's.  They saw the rapid unraveling of the social institutions that held society together, the churches, schools, work ethic etc. and attributed it to a flaw in the Constitution, and planed to revert to a religious aristocracy.  

How these scholars at the most prestigious school of economics in the world could be so blind to the history of aristocracies?  They have all ended when the poor have had enough of the gross imbalance in the distribution of wealth, and rebelled often with weapons consisting of their fists and clubs.  They overwhelmed the kings and queens armies with superior weapons, and the peasants ended the aristocracy with a massacre of the aristocrats.  Review the French Revolution as the most recent graphic example of this horrific but necessary event.  The only aristocracy left is the Saudi's, who are a special case because of their enormous oil wealth, they pay off the non members of the royal family, about 6,000 people, to keep the masses quiet. But what will happen when the oil money runs out, a repeat of the French experience. BTW the Saudi’s are our biggest enemies.

Texas has accomplished the following in the 23 years the neo-conservatives have had control of every level of government in this State:

1)Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world (California is 5th)

2)Texas has the highest incarceration rate in the world by far (and 70% of the inmates are Black)

3)Texas rates 49th in the dollars spent per student in the public schools ( only Alabama is worse,) and you have been there, it is like the South before the Civil Rights Movement.

4)Texas rates 51st in Medicaid dollars spent.  That means even less than Washing DC, which half of the city is a ghetto and always has been. The irony is that it costs more for the disadvantaged to receive care through the ER.  A Texas physician who studies these issues stated that 2,000 Texans would die yearly if the Medicaid system was not propped up.  Governor Perry turned down 9 billion dollars from the Obama administration, which was essentially free money. His pathetic explanation was that he had to prove he could stand up to Obama to keep his Presidential aspirations intact.  He is a stupid sociopath, unqualified to teach a High School class in Government. In his last election he garnered 17% (all members of the ultra right wing churches that support him and the plan to return to a religious Aristocracy) of the registered voters in Texas.  Texans have essentially dropped out of the Democratic Republic system by not voting and allowing the sociopaths to run the State.  Perry's main support are the radical right wing Churches who want to return to a religious aristocracy, which was the main reason the Founding Fathers ancestors fled to America at great risk. These are Christian churches in name only.  Even with the distortions the Catholic Church wrote into the bible when it was written in 700 AD, Jesus of Nazereth taught in parables that no one had the right to tell others how to practice religion because we are all children of God. He died defending this profound insight.

5)Texas has ignored the current drought which 100% of the climatologists agree will last 100-200 years. Yet the government has not warned the public of the danger.  Austin will run out of water in about 2 years. They are keeping the usage at 400,000 acre/feet per year by tapping the ground water. The aquifers had not been studied in 50 years, but when the reservoirs were almost empty, a thorough study using state of the art technology, found that there was a vast quantity of high quality water in the Austin area, as there was in many areas of the state. Private companies  tapped the aquifers and sold it to the water districts which was very profitable.  The best analysis of the aquifers study, independent of the state was done by an investigative reporter, who was the former science columnist for the New York Times.  She estimated that the water will last about two years, or three if the public mounted a strong conservation effort, which they have never done before, and their has been no change in behavior since her report.  Austin uses 25% of its water on GRASS!  Grass of any kind should be outlawed in any drought prone area. New Mexico realized they were looking at a serious water problem in 1990, and the public reduced their water consumption by 50%; landscaping is strictly Xeroscaping, using only native plants that are drought tolerant, and rocks and aged wood of interesting shapes.

 When Austin runs out of ground water it is finished. The city is not salvageable no mater when it runs dry. No water means no power. The steam turbine which has been the industry standard for generating power from burning something to create steam requires large amounts of water to cool it down when it periodically speeds up out of control.  The world’s best engineers have worked to solve this design defect for 30 years and there is apparently no solution to the random speeding up, so we are stuck with the necessity of having large amounts of water ready for cooling 24/7 (and that includes nuclear reactors---the recent disaster in Japan caused by an earth quake, occurred because the water main which cooled the steam turbine was dislodged, and the turbine couldn’t be cooled. As a result it exploded and destroyed the control mechanisms for the reactor, which in turn exploded sending enormous amounts of highly radioactive cesium into the air, contaminating the island where it was located, and the ocean, some of which crossed the pacific and showed up on the coast of California. 

That means overnight Austin will experience total socioeconomic anarchy abruptly without any warning from the Government.  The new Governor Abbot is more secretive about the water situation than Perry. He will certainly not call the President and report the natural disaster because the GOP, now mostly Tea Party members in the legislature, have also kept the citizens in the dark about the danger. It is apparently taboo in the State Government so even say “we might run out of water”, thus there is not even a discussion about how to prepare the city and the people for the catastrophe that they know is coming. If this is not “manslaughter” I don’t now what is!  Tens of thousands of people will perish because they were not warned.  On the publics side, they show no interest in the drought, and do not bother to investigate.  This town is swimming in science Phd’s, as the university of Texas has 26,000 graduate students, the majority in the sciences to fuel the high tech economy, but not even these hyper educated scientists take any interest in the drought.

Obama has been here twice in the last 2 years touting Austin as an example of how a city can prosper in this depression, and he and his staff clearly know nothing about the drought.  So even though there is a major Army Base an hour away, they will not be present to maintain order. The public will not be able to obtain the necessities of life for several days, and tens of thousands will perish. A young and healthy individual can last 3 days without water, but on the third day their survival instincts will cause them to do things that they would normally not even consider.  Steal, kill people who have water to get it to save themselves and their children (who may already be dead if they are young---some teenagers may be saved if the get water on the third day).  The hospitals are run by corporations for profit, and only for profit, so they will just shut down and pull out.  Nursing home patients will be as good as dead.  It will be the ugliest event in an American city ever.  The government will shut down, and will have to be moved to another city.  The legislature are obstructionists, and it will take a year or more before they can agree on where to move the capitol to.  Tea Party principles are: never compromise and never change your mind, so choosing a new home for the State Government will be an old fashioned pissing contest, lots or words that mean nothing,and will probably degenerate to adolescent name calling. Meanwhile all former state employees, the largest contingent is the teachers will not get their monthly retirement checks for a couple of years at least, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives all over the state.  This will be a shock that will wake up the public to what the GOP sociopaths have done to them while they were watching TV. Their rage will stimulate the fastest change of power in any state ever in this nations history.  The GOP has had everything go their way for 23 years and are overconfident.  Ripe for a thundering upset that they will have no idea how to handle, except to lie as usual.  But the public will just become more enraged as they make excuses for what they did intentionally.  The GOP will fall and fall hard. And not recover for years. This conflict could easily bankrupt the state. No taxes will be collected and the expense of moving the capitol will be high.  The population will probably drop by several million, crushing a state that has thrived on
growth. Agriculture will continue to nose dive as the drought is expected to expand east to just short of the Dallas-Fort Worth mega city of 6+ million and still growing as fast as builders can throw housing together.

I cold go on, but the point is that the corruption and inhumane slashing of the budgets of all programs that assist the needy, has a trickle down effect.  When leadership treats people like animals for such a long period of time,  people think that if they can do these cruel things, we can too.  Save money on employee benefits, fire the trouble makers (anyone who questions their policies), and increase profits.  The bailing out of the hopitals when they are needed most in the case of this sudden socioeconomic anarchy, is another strong piece of evidence that health care CANNOT BE FAIRLY DELIVERED BY FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS. 

People resist Obamacare, a big step towards a national health care system, because it’s “socialism”. “It will raise our Taxes”, but in some very concrete ways they are already being “taxed” because insurance coverage provided by the hospital corporations raises their rates very significantly to make up for the uninsured who rely on the ER for medical care, which is 5-10x as expensive as a Medicaid paid for office call. Of all prosperous countries we have by far the lowest  tax rates; about 35%.  The Europeans with their “socialist” health care systems pay 50-70% taxes, and they don’t complain about it because everyone will be taken care of. As a result there is very little dire poverty as there is in the United States.  The neo-con mythology is that people without insurance and relying on the ER are slobs living off “the system”.  The truth is most of them work, many two jobs, but their employers provide no health care coverage. They can only get minimum wage jobs because of the lack of education or other training. Married couples both have to work, and one of them must have two jobs just to live in a run down one bedroom apartment in a dangerous part of their city.  If they have children, they grow up feeing deprived because of junk product hard sell on television, every kid MUST have a cell phone.  Being largely unsupervised, as their parents are at work most of the time, they watch a lot of TV, which we know causes mental illness, and/or get into trouble with sex, drugs and petty crime. Teenagers need constructive things to do, like sports or learning to play a musical instrument.  If these activities are not provided, they will do something, their hormones command them to be active. In addition to the risk of pregnancy (Texas has eliminated clinics that give sexual education and contraceptives and teach about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STD’s.)  So they learn what to do from their know nothing “friends” who may have no active parents at all, they just stay at home drink beer or use drugs and pay no attention to their children, usually not knowing or caring where they are or what they are doing.  A very rigorous study of people on welfare done a few years ago, showed that less than 5% are really freeloaders; the vast majority work hard at lousy jobs doing the best they can to provide for the family and work even harder to do a good job parenting their children.  But Americans hate cheaters, even if they are cheaters themselves, and want to stop the “system”; a classic example of throwing the baby our with the bathwater (an interesting expression originated in the late Middle Ages from a common life practice, look it up). The trickle down effect I wrote about

“Well I wrote I could go on but,”; and I did anyway---it just slipped out.

A gentleman and a scholar.
Austin, Texas
May 6, 2015