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2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years.”

“2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years.”
April 23, 2015

First, I must congratulate you for writing the most current, thorough, and well documented book on the situation of our planet.  I applaud your years of work in positions of importance, and difficultly and the respect that you have earned.

A very important factor has emerged from the science of neuroscience and psychiatry:  the proof that the sociopaths have been the cause of 99% of the
misery that man has rendered on other men throughout the ages.
Sociopaths are the cause of “evil” (in Christian terms) ; they play an enormous role in the ecological damage to the planet as well as being the cause of the corruption
of our government, including President Bush’s disastrous and illegal war in Iraq
at a cost of 3.5 trillion dollars and the lives of 8,000 American soldiers as well as
250,000+ Iraqis.

In addition, the breakdown of the banking system in 2008, which almost bankrupted the U.S and started a worldwide economic collapse, made billions of dollars for the sociopathic bankers. They were not punished in any way.
When President Obama selected his financial advisors to hopefully create regulations to prevent such an event in the future, he found that ALL of the upper-crust bankers were sociopaths. He, thus, ended up with some people who engineered the banking collapse making billions of dollars at the same time.
Needless to say, no regulations to prevent future “legal” theft from the American people were implemented.

For at least 3 decades, child psychiatrists have been able to identify future sociopaths based on a child’s behavior. What is new is vigorous scientific proof of the reasons for their behavior.  Due to a genetic defect , they are born without the brain mechanisms to tell right from wrong.  These brain defects occur in utero because of a genetic defect present in 0.9% of every population group on the planet.
This tells us that the sociopath has been a part of our species for hundreds of millions of years.

We now have the ability to identify sociopaths; and, having identified them, develop methods of preventing the sociopath from gaining positions of power.
This would greatly accelerate governments loosening their attachment to unbridled laissez faire capitalism, which is what drives the thoughtless use of fossil fuels and the raping of the Earth and the Oceans of other resources. These resources are being virtually stolen from developing nations such as those in Africa and South America.
All other positions of power have stringent requirements to even enter training programs: doctors, lawyers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Once they are in training, they are constantly observed to ensure that they possess the intellectual, ethical, moral, and desire to fill these positions in society.  A weak commitment means the individual is likely to quit training and waste the $100,000 or so invested in their training.  Trauma surgeons have the most demanding training of anyone in society.  The skillset needed is so enormous that few are capable of completing the training.  Few are admitted to this elite work, which literally saves lives.
Our military surgeons are the best in the World because they are the most experienced and the most extensively trained.
Why shouldn’t there be a similar system of requirements before a would-be politician is allowed to run for office ? The higher the position,  the greater the opportunity to abuse voters and other peoples around the World. As I stated before, Bush’s unlawful war on Iraq is a case in point.

A Constitutional amendment would empower society to keep sociopaths and others with unstable mental conditions from obtaining positions of control over other people. This directly addresses the discussion  of “The State Will Get More Involved.”, and your distress over the fact that Global society will only when they are forced to by another round of Katrina like episodes convinces powerful heads of governments and corporation that it makes economic sense.  But that may be too late to prevent reaching the tilt point of 2.8 degrees of warming.  These ideas, if well executed would accelerate the entry of large powerful and wealthy institutions into the foray at least 10 years earlier, which could easily make the difference in survival accompanied by the most sophisticated and humane societies in the history of our species, and the most rapid extinction cycle ever.  These differences in outcomes could not be greater.

The same type of level-based system should also imposed on the heads of corporations since corporations are considered “people.”
This is an opportunity never before available in the history of our species.
It gives America the chance to regain its position as the greatest experiment in producing a nation that offers freedom and opportunity for everyone, as stated in both the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution.
At present we have been knocked off our pedestal and the Constitution is in shreds.
This is because of the corruption of power by sociopaths in our government as well as the support of these “evil” people by other sociopaths in the corporate world like the Koch brothers.
The response of the public to the life-threatening situation due to the drought that is unprecedented in our species is tragic.  Humans have caused the global warming that makes normal droughts for 30 or so billion people living in a desert such as Texas or California impossible to survive the way it is NOT being handled at present.
The Texas governor and legislature do not even acknowledge that the drought will cause the capital in Austin to run out of water.  By keeping the citizens in the dark about what is a certainty that every climatologist in the world agrees on, the opportunity to survive is denied the people.
The climatologists agree that the drought from the Pacific Ocean to the plains of Texas will last 100-200 years.
The governor of California is being quite transparent about the severity of the crisis in his state; but, the California population has not changed their behavior by conserving water nor made any plans to migrate when they do run out of water and power.
 For example, the steam turbine, the standard device used to generate electricity for 3 decades cannot be operated safely without large amounts of water to cool it down.
Exceptions are hydroelectric power and wind-generated power. Texas has more wind-generation capacity than any other state; but, the government refuses to build power lines to deliver it to the major cities.


There are several recently published books from psychologists which do a good job of teaching readers to identify sociopaths. One such book is entitled :
                                                                       “SNAKES IN SUITS.”

Here are a few ways that I have determined :
Anyone who hoards money in a world when billions of people are starving is a sociopath. They care about themselves and nobody else.

The first book to address the sociopath (though the author does not use that label.) is Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie” This book sold well in the “self help” community.
I heard Mr. Peck speak. He is “the real thing.” He is a man who lives by true Christian principles as truly taught by Jesus; and, he walks the talk. Dr. Peck suffered severe degenerative arthritis of the spine ; sitting in a chair to give a 2 hour lecture was torture. Just as Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” while she was dying of breast cancer, Mr. Peck continued to travel and give his lectures for years, despite his painful illness.

Can a person be wealthy and not be a sociopath ? Certainly. Bill Gates (whose family in Seattle had a long history of philanthropy) is an example.  Warren Buffet has a long history of being critical of the IRS code: ”Why does my secretary pay more taxes than I do ?” There is one more prime example: Michael Dell, who has made money since elementary school by working several paper routes at once, had earned more than the average family makes in a year by age 10, and his parents were very affluent professionals.  He worked hard at a precocious age because he just loved business. Then, in a University of Texas dorm room, he made good, inexpensive computers for other students. His business grew so fast that he soon had to move to a warehouse in Round Rock, a struggling farm town 30 miles north of Austin. The rest is history. He did not wait until he had made millions to begin his philanthropy.
Sociopaths do not give money away to help people…ever!

Yes, the Koch brothers of Kansas have promised to give the GOP 900 million dollars for the 2016 election.  That is money to ensure that they can maintain their own wealth and power however!  The Republican party is currently in the embarrassing situation:  candidates are schmoosing to get the support of various multi-billionaires.  No talk of issues important to the American people, just groveling for money from the super-rich.

The sociopathic gene (present in 0.9% of the World’s population) is not linked to any skill set.  Thus, in any population, the top 1% of sociopaths are smart enough to figure out society’s rules, as well as determine how to carry out the nefarious deeds without being caught.  Dick Cheney is a prime example.  Sociopaths with born with exceptional facility in language and all academic skills are brilliant liars.  They can pass any polygraph because they believe they are always right; even if the evidence of their crime is right in front of them!

Sociopaths can also be very charming; so, don’t let this dissuade you from being suspicious.   The facts that reveal the chronic excuses are in their history.  They are biologically programmed to lie, cheat, and steal; they enjoy causing others misery.
Therefore, a well-taken history will always reveal the sham.  As an example: children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder will have histories of cruelty to animals. (the family cat always seems to have a broken leg. They start fires, often burning the family home to the ground.) Many parents with an ODD child divorce because of the profound difficulty managing them. At this point, the child is usually put in foster care where their cruel and dangerous deeds continue.  Foster parents can be very idealistic and “just cannot believe” that a charming 6 year old can do these things. But, they do, Thus, the foster parents give up when the child is dominating their lives to the point that the parents are always arguing about whose fault it is that the child was caught stealing money.  The child bounces from foster care to foster care until they are about 12 years old. At that point, if there is a psychiatrist involved, the diagnosis is changed to “sociopathic personality disorder.” As teenagers, these children turn into petty criminals by stealing, injuring others, and illicit drug use.  The vast majority of sociopaths wind up in jail or prison for most of their lives. 
By the way, 100% of ODD children develop into sociopaths. 

Child psychiatrists have known all this for 3 decades.  What has changed is that cutting edge scientists have figured out the precise mechanism that causes the sociopath’s behavior.  This determination has come from more advanced brain scans which show all the way to the level of how neurons communicate with other neurons.  This was finalized in 2003.  The best book explaining the process is “American Mania: When More is Not Enough” by Peter Whybrow written in 2005.  An update to this information is due to be published this spring.

Other tips that may indicate you are dealing with a sociopath : the applicant for a job or an advancement does not demonstrate the skills sufficient to the obtained record of accomplishment, implying that they have cheated in some way to have a good looking record.

The sociopath excels at blackmailing, ambushing, and half-truths.
For example, the billions of dollars that the American public donated to the families of the 9/11 disaster were stolen by the CEO of the Red Cross.  When confronted by the Board of Directors, she said that her records clearly showed multiple past misbehaviors.  That should have indicated to the Board that she was a very risky choice fro the top position in the organization.  If the Board went public, she said she would produce the evidence and destroy the reputation of the Red Cross.  Her argument was so vicious that the loyal and dedicated members of the Red Cross backed down, promising not to go public with the fact that she was a thief.
Of course, nothing stays secret for very long due to the internet; the public eventually learned of the nefarious deeds of the Red Cross’s sociopathic CEO.
She has disappeared; the funds are likely to be in an offshore account.  This is exactly why the offshore bank accounts were created by the super-wealthy in the first place. 

For example, Mitt Romney got away with having multiple offshore accounts, which can only mean that he made his fortune by illegal means; more than likely as an international broker of drugs or weapon sales.  Mormons have been the top recruiting grounds for the CIA for decades. Graduates of Brigham Young University are ideal CIA operatives: they have lived in foreign countries as missionaries, thus becoming very fluent in the language and customs of these countries. They have risen to top positions in the CIA and this gave Romney protection from being identified as the broker in drug and arms transactions.  The evidence was either destroyed or Romney was warned to bail out of the deal.  I cannot prove this because, for the first time in the history of the American presidency, the candidate did not fully reveal his financial records.  This in itself implies interference in the normal process, that came from someone at a very high level ao government agencies.  Perhaps a Mormon at a high level position in the IRS.

There are to other common strategies used by sociopaths to rise to positions of power and control of large funds; these are well-noted elsewhere.
Now, let us take a look at the weaknesses of the sociopath :
1)   Since they “know” they are right, they never change their minds and never compromise. The GOP is presently caught in their own game because there is no qualified candidate for President among any of the different factions.
How are they going to select a candidate for 2016 ? In all likelihood, they will be forced to choose an outsider that no group supports.
2)   The sociopath seldom seeks “wise counsel”.  Even if they do, they go ahead with their own plan.  As an example: after a 3 week blitzkrieg of France, General Rommel (the German equivalent to America’s Patton) advised Hitler to invade England immediately because the Brits were not prepared. Hitler wanted to punish the Brits for the post WWI reparations so he wanted to bomb London to torture them.    They were, after all,  in Hitler’s mind :”just a nation of shop keepers.” (he underestimated the strength of the opposition, which is yet another sociopathic weakness.) However, the British never even hinted that they would surrender. The brilliant leadership of Winston Churchill kept them glues together.  Six months of relentless bombing of the defiant Brits gave them time to fortify the Cliffs of Dover; time for help from the Americans to arrive, making an invasion of England too costly for the Germans.

Most importantly, this gave the Americans a base of operations from which to invade the Continent and retake the territories taken by the Germans.
With no base of operations in Europe, it is very doubtful the Americans could have defeated the Germans, keeping Europe under Hitler’s control for  decades.
Hitler’s stubborn belief in his own judgment, fueled by his sociopathic desire to cause as much misery to England as possible along with his refusal to accept Rommel’s wise counsel, cost Germany the entire war.

I invite you to compare this scenario to how Romney and his Mormon counsel ran his 2012 presidential campaign.

The point of all of this dialogue is that sociopaths have an enormous amount of power, and stand in the way of a critical point in your marvelous book.  Until governments and  large corporations “by in” to the importance of policies that reduces the burning of fossil fuels, global warming will continue to rise, coming perilous close to the critical 2.8 degrees at which the warming becomes unstoppable due to a positive feedback loop.  When the frozen methane currently frozen at the bottom of the oceans, states to thaw, it causes rapid global warming, and the cycle repeats itself until a mass extinction occurs.  I know I am preaching to the choir, but I wanted you to know that I understand the process.

If sociopaths can be removed from positions of power, an earlier governmental and corporate entry into the efforts to stop the burning of fossil fuels, could easily make the difference in life or death of our species.

Again, my highest respect goes to your book, which is by far the most comprehensive and well documented book ever written about the future of our species.  Your inclusion of well recognized researchers in various aspects of your overall point of view, gives the book a very respected boost, proving that these are not just your opinions, but your ideas are enthusiastic supporters.  My favorite was the scientist who spent his career studying the causes of previous extinctions.  This man demonstrates the dedication required of an investigative scientist.

Best wishes,
Morris Creedon-McVean, DO
A gentleman and a scholar.

I have never been published.  I worked for 40 years as a Fmily Practice Physician.  In 2010 we moved from Seattle to Austin, and I became interested in the drought and the state of denial among the population and the failure of the government to inform the public of the severity of the situation.  I began writing essays about the situation and posting them on my blog:
If you care to know more about me read “Why I know What I Know”, one of the earlier essays.  You may use this material freely, all I ask for is credit.  I am disabled and am trying to gain work as a columnist. So, if you think my writing is appropriate, a recommendation to a major newspaper in the United States  or anywhere in the Western world (Even Oslo!) would be appreciated.

PS:  I know you had to endure another slushy and abbreviated winter.  Here in Austin, Texas, we face running out of water in about two years.  And the new governor is even more secretive about the danger of the drought, and will give the public any warning, and will not call the President to report a natural disaster (the normal behavior for an environmental crisis), there will be no military presence to maintain order.  Thus, we will have total socio-economic anarchy.  The first time in the history of our species that a thriving city has become a deadly place of anarchy, literally, over night.