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The GOP, Battle of the Traitors

The GOP, Battle of the Traitors

April 23, 2015

The GOP is engaged in a power struggle among radical groups, that show clearly how far we have fallen as a Democratic Republic and the leader in the “Free World”.  For over two centuries we have been the example to the entire world, in an experiment that showed that The Statements in the Declaration could successfully carried out, and we have so successful, every one in the world has taken great risks to come here with the hopes of a better way of life.  This migration has attracted the best and brightest from around the world and fueled our economic and scientific success.  At the height of our success, we defeated two countries who had been preparing for war for years, while we did nothing due to the American public’s distaste for war. The “axis” powers fascist tendencies made life miserable for the peoples they conquered.  After the defeat of Germany and Japan, we did something never seen before in the history of our species.  Instead of the plundering of the defeated, we rebuilt those countries and installed Democratic Republic government and stayed many years until the governments and economies were working well.

In the fifties virtually every one in America had everything they needed.  We had the only vigorous economy in the world.  Then Television, released a Pandora’s box of difficulties, and our social institutions that formed the glue that help society started to unravel at a remarkable pace.  Government, schools, churches, families, charitable institutions---any thing you can think of fell apart.  A group of economists at the University of Chicago believed that this disintegration was due to a flaw in the Constitution and devised a plan to return to an Aristocracy.  Never mind that aristocracies had always failed, and intended in violent revolutions because of the misdistribution of wealth.

This plot has been carried out silently, and using Texas as an example, have succeeded.
March 17, 2015

Since 1998 the GOP has had complete control of every element of government in Texas.  The following are their accomplishments, achieved with intent.  The stats are public as compiled by the Federal government.
1)Texas 1argest economy in the world (California is 5th)
2)Texas has by far the largest incarceration rate per capita in the world
3)Texas rates 49th in spending per student in the public schools (only  Alabama is lower.  A visit to Alabama feels like a time machine trip to the 50’s)
4) Texas rates 51st in Medicaid spending, even lower than Washington DC).  In spite of knowledge that sending the poor to the Emergency Room for medical care and thus increasing the cost 5 to10 times, Governor Perry turned down (9.5 billion in essential free money to correct this abominable situation.  Perry’s reason was to show he could “stand up” to Obama in order to garner support for his potential run at the presidency.  A Texas physician estimates that 2000 Texans would perish needlessly if the situation was not improved.)
And there is more….
Presently, there is a battle among GOP potential candidates for President, none are well qualified for the position, but they are groveling at the feet of the super-rich for their economic support.  Issues are not discussed, just an embaressing groveling for money.  The Koch Bros and other super-rich are in the spotlight.
This is not the way a Democratic Republic works.  The government must make compromises from varied points of view and do what is best for the American People.  This process has been dead since at least 1990; the question of what is best for the people has not even been discussed at any level of government.
Why?  The Ivory Tower economists were wrong about the reason for the collapse of Americans institutions.  Television was the root cause, and only one man recognized the power of TV to make us mentally ill and loose our sense of values and our ability to do critical thinking.  And the worst aspect of TV was that it was addictive, almost exactly like heroin.  So once people got started watching, what was thought of as a harmless form of entertainment, they have watched more and more, up to the current day.  This hypnotic media gave the Madison Avenue boys to sell us junk we didn’t need.  The price of the junk increased until in order to pay for it, the family structure was compromised.  Dad had to work overtime, missing his son’s baseball games; mom left home to work to pay the junk bills, and was no longer in attendance at PTA meetings, and unable to follow the progress or lack of it, of their children’s educated.  Children came home to an empty house.  The final hook was, in order to the “fabricated goal, of “keeping up with the Jonses”, people were allowed to buy on credit.  This cemented the absent father stuck in a job he often hated, and mom’s absence from the home.  American life was so stressful, parents didn’t have time to care for each other and the divorce rate soared.  Unsupervised children go into trouble.  The public’s response to all these negative occurrences was to watch more TV, as they were as addicted to the escapism, they behaved just like a junkie whose only goal was to find a recourse for more heroin.
With the public’s attention captivated by the TV, the politician’s took control of all aspects of government, because the voting public couldn’t remember what they had promised last election, and were too stressed and addicted to have the motivation to research what they had been told before.  So, politicians quickly that they could tell the public what they wanted to hear, then do as they pleased, and still get elected again because no one paid attention to what they were doing.
That is where we stand today.  But all is not lost, because the sociopaths carrying out this plethora of nefarious acts, can be defeated.  It is easy with just a little study to learn to recognize a sociopath.  And sociopaths have some glaring weaknesses, that can easily be exploited, and taken down from their positions of power.  The key is education, and the comedy taking place within the GOP should wake people up to the necessity for change.
On top of that, each radical group within the GOP, has a goal of taking over the government, dispensing with the Constitution and establishing a religious based aristocracy.  Thus, they are all traitors like the Mormon Mitt Romney.  The Mormon Church’s goal has always been to take over the government, convert it to a religious aristocracy and use the American military to take over the rest of the world and convert everyone to Mormonism.  They believe that they are God’s chosen people for this task.  History tells us clearly that anytime an aggressive nation believes they are “God’s Chosen People”, violent and extensive bloodshed will follow.
The result of the current GOP groveling for money will be that the various traitorous plots will be revealed to an awakening American People, and hopefully they will decide that this Anti-Americanism must be stopped, even if a civil war is necessary.
A gentleman and a scholar.
Austin, Texas
April 23, 2015