Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Missing Water: Underground Aquifers

Corruption in Texas, is going to ruin the State. and it's abuse of "disposable" persons, sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country. The systematic refusal to manage the drought in any way, will destroy Austin, and most of West Texas will destroy the economy. The cost of moving the State Capital will be enormous and scare off any new business, which has the horse Perry has ridden to his position, encouraging companies and people to move to Texas, will blow up in the GOP faces. The well kept secret to prevent running dry has been the exploitation of the water table, by a few ruthless individual. Underground water does not belong to Texas, but the landowners, and it allows drilling laterally into other people's water table supply. It is legal theft and most small land owners will have their wells run dry, and their land rendered useless. For the past 3 years half of the reported water use has come from the underground sources, to the benefit of a few. When this supply is sucked dry there will be nothing to fall back on.