Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Betrayal by the Supreme Court

Betrayal by the Supreme Court
July 1, 2014  0400hrs

An outrageous decision.  The Supreme Court, has apparently practicing medicine, with no credentials.  This battle must be escalated.  Taking women's rights to control their bodies, WAS one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th century.  Start with a barrage of outrage, and escalate to verbal warfare and massive boycotts.

Looking at this country of "freedom of religion" nation; one wonders if the Justices have bothered to read the Constitution since law school.  Even more dire:  If homo sapiens doesn't control our population, BILLIONS of deaths will follow, and the survival of the species is threatened.  This is probably the worst decision ever made by the SC.  

In effect corporations have become physicians by proxy.  On the basis religious bigotry, they now have the power to decide what treatment , or the lack of it, is appropriate for a female and her doctor.  Every State has strict laws against practicing medicine without a license.  This SC  decision throws out all State Laws that protect the public against fraudulent physicians.  Now, you need no training, no license.  Just be a corporate head---no requirements for that “position”----and you can dictate the practice of medicine.  There goes “Roe vs Wade”, after being staunchly up help for 50+ years.

July 1, 2014 1600hrs
 Worse yet, this story was effectively  suppressed.  Couldn’t even find this landmark decision, as anything but a sound bite on MSN, CNN etc.  The media control by the R wing super rich who own all the major media, has effectively  kept this from the public.  The Constitution is in grave jeopardy, when the Supreme Court doesn’t give it any weight , and ignores their own past decisions.  There will be no uprising regarding women’s right, since the general public has no idea that their fundamental rights have been ripped out from under them.