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The Confusion About Global Warming

Global Warming
April 21, 2015

Few people understand this.  But this information is critical to our survival. We must act immediately to stop our own behavior, but far more important is to stop our sociopath (individuals born without the brain equipment to tell right from wrong and care about anyone but themselves.)  EVERYONE MUST LEARN WHAT A SOCIOPATH IS, LEARN HOW TO RECOGNIZE THEM, and remove them from positions of power and control over the economy which is dependent on burning fossil fuels.  This is no time for talk, sociopaths will not change no matter how "reasonable" the argument or how much scientific evidence is presented. Obama learned this the hard way when he first became President, as his hero was Abraham Lincoln, who was his deserving role model who was a master of negotiation and compromise. But the powerful opposition in Congress are sociopaths, and he got nowhere following Lincoln’s fruitful path.  Fortunately, for all of us Obama is fast learner even when it comes to life long beliefs.  He learned to play hardball with the sociopaths and made remarkable progress by picking progressive issues that the GOP had supported in the past.  For example, the bill that boosted benefits for Vets, and the GOP has supported all things military so they couldn’t oppose this bill and retain any shred of integrity.

We, the 99% of the American public that are not sociopaths must learn the same lesson rapidly and learn how to defeat the sociopaths who control the majority of wealth and recourses in the world.

The sociopaths  must be removed from positions of power by vote, or bullets if necessary.  If a violent revolt is necessary, then bring it on.  These same sociopath have already dished out tremendous misery (which they enjoy) to the American people, shredded the Constitution, fought a disastrous war in Iraq, allowed the bankers (sociopaths all) that cost the taxpayer (3.5 trillion for the war) and 1.5 trillion for the banking scandal), taken away our most valuable right, Freedom of Speech (by virtue of the Patriot Act---which was Dick Cheney's prime objective when the 9/11 plot was planned by the Bushies and the Saudis), and the subsequent War in Iraq---a treasonous act in itself because the Constitution clearly that Congress must declare war BEFORE any military action is taken).  These deeds are enough to justify a civil war, even if the global warming was not an issue.  BUT NOW IT IS A NESCESSITY if the public doesn't suddenly wake up and vote all the GOP office holders out of office.  I doubt that voting will obtain the desired result, even though there are signs that the public is waking up and realizing what has been done to them over the last 25 years.

At this point, these catastrophic droughts are going to cause mass migrations (30 million or so form Southern Cal to Texas) which will be profoundly dangerous and millions will perish. NO ONE, city, county, state, Federal, or NGO (none government organization) has any plan to assist this mass migration; nor does anyone have plan to make a plan to my knowledge.  California has one year of water (as determined by a recent independent organization using highly sophisticated methods). The Governor of California has very little power since 90% of the budget is already earmarked for certain purposes as a result of their “Proposition” hodgepodge system of government.  The only way to free up proposition bound monies is for the voters to repeal the proposition.  Unthinkable under these circumstances.  Brown began by urging conservation among the citizens ; when there was no response, he declared a 25% cutback, but this is a very small, almost insignificant amount since 70% of California’s water usage is agricultural and this category is exempt. There is no mechanism to enforce such conservation.  In addition, Washington, which for years has been sending water to Cal from the snow pack melt, but last week, Washington announced that they have a serious drought of their own, since the snow pack in the Cascades set a record low.  So another loss of a water source for California, having already lost their main source of water from the dams and lakes on the Colorado river in Nevada and Arizona (Powel and Mead), which are at historic lows that don’t supply adequate water even for Nevada.  In addition the contract that determined the amounts of water dedicated to send to California runs out in 2017, not that this legal agreement has any meaning since the land bound states have not been able to send the declared amounts in years.  An absurd long and lengthy legal battle has been fought benefiting only a large number of lawyers, since Arizona and Nevada cannot make water.

The science backing the prediction that this drought , extending from Southern California to central Texas will last at least a century, maybe two, is as solid as science gets. Every climatologist and allied sciences in the world have recently determined that the global warming, is real, and entirely caused by our own species by burning fossil fuels at a breakneck pace, mostly so the so the super-rich can get richer.  No CONSESSIONS for the consequences of wasting and polluting a recourse that is necessary for life, water.  We, homo sapiens, are on a rapid course toward suicide, because we have allowed the sociopaths that control 70% of the world’s industrial output through an economic organization called the Davos Group, which has been in full operation since 1972.  The members determine the course of action for the next year, with only one criteria: how to maximize the profits for the members who control 70% of the world’s industrial output.  Membership requires a minimum of a billion dollars per year in income and the fee is $40,000/participant.  A large % of the membership are American corporations, owned and controlled by sociopaths, like the Koch Brothers in Kansas.

 They must be unseated from their positions of power, by vote or bullets, soon.  This is life or death for the entire species and 95% of the biological life on the planet.  This is what happens when a mass extinction occurs, and the only cause of the five previous mass extinctions, and our species first encounter with Global Warming or we would not be here.

California has ONE YEAR of water remaining, and Austin Texas has a couple of years as determined by common sense applied to the known data about the ground water and the untracked rate of the water that is being pumped out by private companies as fast as possible. While this is technically legal due to a bizarre Texas law that allows water drilling can extend in any lateral directions once the surface has been penetrated.  These rogue companies use any vehicle made to haul to liquids, including those that normally carry pesticides and other industrial chemicals, all toxic to humans.  The water from these trucks is sold at a large profit to local communities as “pure”, a bald face lie and a breach of all ethical and moral standards.  Thousands of private property owners are having their well go dry due to the vigorous drainage of the water table by these rogue water profiteers.  Thousands of small West Texas towns will be without any source of water and will be abandoned, and the people will join the migration from Austin and it’s suburbs.

One year is no enough time to organize systems to help the migrators in any case.  Every state the migrators pass through will be faced with enormous problems and expenses:  hundreds of thousands of abandoned cars, some containing people who died of lack of food and water (the local authorities will be overwhelmed with the need for traffic control ,the Interstates going East or North East, through the Rockies, will be 'parking lots’ given the volume of traffic, and most will be doing well to average 5-10 mph, thus everyone will run out of gas frequently on long stretches of highway with no services (even the towns along the way will not be able to help in any way as their supplies will be gobbled up as soon as they arrive; gasoline deliveries are weekly or monthly, and with no plan to increase the deliveries, the migrators will quickly become and annoyance.

Many desperate travelers will try to steal water from residents further escalating the tension.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  The distances are enormous (1500 to 2000 miles) to find areas that have ample water for this huge mass of people: the Great Lakes area, and the Southeast.  Both these areas are economically depressed, and the Federal Government will have to step in and provide "Camps" of the type used in Haiti after their natural disaster.  People will be furious both the migrators and the mass of people in every state through which they travel who try to help them without adequate recourses, about the migration and the circumstances when they reach their destination.  This means 20+ million people exhausted (the vast majority will have to sleep in their cars every night due to the fact that the motel rooms on their path are grossly inadequate to meet the demand.   This will add to the fury that no one was prepared to help them.

Large demonstrations will result consisting of both the migrators and the millions of people that tried to help them without even remotely adequate recourses.  I have seen no information that any branch of the Federal government is making any preparations for this catastrophic forced migration from our nations first exposure from the forces of Global Warming.  At this point we are failing miserable to cope with the situation, and one year is hardly enough time for the logistics of moving food, water and providing shelter for this overwhelming number of people.

Large demonstrations will occur in many cities and some may become violent far beyond the capacity of the local police to control.   Panicked Mayors may request help from the Military both the reserves and the active duty shoulders.  They will not fire on these citizens who just wanted water and housing.  The military has been perhaps the most abused group in the country.  Lousy pay, terrible medical care, being sent back into battle before they have recovered from physical and emotional injuries.  Their sympathies will be with the migrators and other citizens fed up with the actions of the Federal Government.  

 When some mayor or governor asks for military assistance in controlling these angry demonstrators, the military will not respond to the order "use force is necessary".  If the officials panic and escalate the confrontation by increasing use of lethal methods by the police, the police will be outnumbered and in some cases better armed.  The powers to be will loose.  Who will fight to defend the likes of the Koch Bros in Kansas? Or the many rich money hoarders living in their walled compounds in the Northeast?

The global warming will ensure that this mass migration will occur.  As the recent report that even Washington State, is in a drought, tame by the Southwest situations, but a clear message that the Global Warming effects are much more extensive and potent than the American public realizes.  Also, another loss of a source of water for California. A fast steep learning curve will be forced on those who have not paid attention to politics or the climate.

Every citizen has a moral and ethical obligation to discuss these issues and help the victims of the unprecedented drought decide what action they are going to take to insure the well being of themselves and their families. There is no other issue that even approaches the importance of surviving the catastrophic drought, and disassembling the power structure that made us vulnerable to this event, and which threatens the survival of our nation and our species.

Supporters of the GOP will be angered by these statements, but I challenge them to come up with a factual basis for discounting the statements I have made.  Most will resort to juvenile name calling, and other insults.  Don’t bother, such language just strengthens my statements and position that the super-rich and their pawns, the GOP, do not care at all about the rest of us; or the survival of our  species for that matter.  That is a profoundly pathetic position, and is in direct opposition to every great profit produced by out species whose goal was to teach us how to live in peace and harmony with each other and the planet, of which we are the care takers, not the exploiters and destroyers.

BTW:The Senate voted yesterday (May 29, 2015) on a policy statement:  "There is no Global Warming".  And it passed.  This is a typical GOP/Tea Party/sociopath tactic.  If someone, or something like a scientific idea blocks your path get ride of the person (via the Patriot Act) or declare that the troublesome idea does not exist.  People are easy to dispose of; ideas are not. It took Europeans 200 years to accept the discovery that the earth was a sphere, and not flat, because this scientific idea was threatening the Catholic Church.

Time to learn FAST and TAKE ACTION or perish.

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A gentleman and a scholar.

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Note: “psychopath” and “sociopathic personality disorder” are equivalent terms.

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