Thursday, March 6, 2014

America is an Auction not a Democracy

America not a Democracy, but an Auction
March 6, 2014

Bill Hodgson "We don't have a Democracy; we have an auction."  Kudos for posting this succinct and truthful cartoon.  Looks like the work of the Seattle newspaper's award winning cartoonist.  The Keystone  pipeline, a boondoggle of a project to build a pipeline from Canada to Houston so we can sell it to the Chinese at 1/4 the cost of process it.  Subsidized by the American public of course.  Ripping up the ecology of our heartland, due to pressure from the Chinese who threaten to dump trillions of dollars on the world market which would be catastrophic to our economy.  But if we go down, so does every body else, including China.  Like the cold war, a  game of mutual self destruction.  Thanks Walfart.  Your gas stinks, and it's time to call their bluff, like Kennedy did with Russia over the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

When we are not willing to protect our own land, over money, we are auctioning off our most precious position, and we have become cowards.  Not the Americans who fought WWII.  We have sunk to the ethical and moral bottom of the barrel (pun intended).  Money doesn't make anyone happy anyway, not even cowards.   People who xhop at Walmart, shame on you.  You are causing the Auction. Barack Obama, I have the greatest respect for you, but you need to step up to the plate as an umpire, and say to the Energy industry and the Chinese, and make the call:  "Strike THREE, YOU ARE OUT!".                              Mo