Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drought Update March 19, 2014

Latest Update on Drought from NCRA

Here's todays weather forecast by Bob Rose, chief meteorologist for the NCRA (North Colorado River Authority).  He fails to mention three important facts:  1) El Ninos result in increased rain in Central Texas about 2/3 of the occurrences; 2) Rain in the Fall of 2014 will be far too late; we will already have run dry and the anarchy will be well underway and the panicked migration will be emptying out the greater Austin area of it's 2.2 million people: 3) A little more rain in the fall and winter of 2014 & 2015 is not a drought breaker.

dead trees  eight years of drought in Centra Texas

New El Niño watch may be good news for Texas

The National Weather Service has issued an El Niño watch for the Pacific Ocean. El Niño is a marine phenomenon in which a band of warm water develops in the Pacific Ocean. LCRA Chief Meteorologist Bob Rose says an El Niño this year could mean more rain in Central Texas in fall 2014 and winter 2015 than usual. Check out Roses latest weather video blog for more details.

Also, check out my blog     for dozens of essays on the drought written over the past 3years. Start with Why I Know What I Know, to add a sense of my views and the reasons for my predictions.

Figure 1 dead tree and power lines