Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Small Town Sexual Bigotry

Small Town Sexual Bigotry
February 26, 2014

These are cut off shorts, though I framed it to look like mini skirt.  Yes, as 18 y/o with the nerve to wear these around in a small rural farm town would have he labeled a "slut" by the end of the day through the gossip mill, regardless of her other behavior.  She could behave as a near perfect Christian, like doing service work at the nursing home, and not even have a boy friend.  This is one disadvantage of a small town.  These shorts would get a looks here in Austin, if she had a nice shape from the waist down, but sexual behavior speculation, there would be none, except the routine "I'd like to take her to bed", but that fantasy goes through male heads with a pretty woman regardless of clothing.  Most of the female mate attraction behaviors that girls learn at a younger and younger age (puberty still comes 6 months earlier every decade), all the obsession with make up and clothes, are things males don't give a rip about. 

Women dress for other women.  It's part of their hierarchy structure.  In a small town the gossip about the "slut" in the flashy short shorts, would be spread by women, and she would be socially ostracized.  The men would just enjoy the show, and the smart ones, like me (LOL) would complement her in a non flirtatious way, about how good she looks in those shorts.  Of course the women would label the complementing male as a "dirty old man", but the men wouldn't.  After seeing her spirits light up with the complement they would think "Why didn't I have the courage so say that? After all I had the same thoughts.  I male that doesn't have those thoughts, is gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

Fully,  2% of the world's population is gay, male and female.  Being gay in a small town, is a prescription for suicide.  If you have 1000 people in your town, you have 20 gays.  The majority will not be able to name one, so 20 poor souls lead depressed isolated lives because of something they have no control over: genetics.  It's an ignorant form of bigotry like those based on skin color, despite the scientific proof which is unquestionable, that our whole species came from East Africa.  But homosexuality is just as harmless (no victims),but deadlier due to the suicide rate in today's culture.  Yes there are pedophiles (like Catholic Priests), who prey on young males, but the are Sociopaths who prey on any defenseless humans regardless of gender, skin color, ethnicity, political affiliation.  Sociopaths are equal opportunity abusers.