Sunday, February 23, 2014

Drought Update Feb 23, 2014

There has been no significant rainfall in 2014, and the air has been very dry due to the series of Canadian cold fronts which were accompanied by considerable wind.  The evaporative loses in the reservoirs has been significant, almost as evaporative loses last summer.  Add the fact that when water levels are low, as they are in Lake Buchanan the bottom 10% is so full of sediment as to be unusable for drinking water or cooling of the steam.  Therefore, even with the sparse rainfall, we have gone backwards in the water in our reservoirs.  Therefore, it is a safe speculation, that we will run dry in less than 6 months.  FOUR months is a more reasonable estimate, and that is a conservative estimate.  2-3 months is more realistic.  Folks, that is March or April.  Not enough time for anybody to make an orderly migration.  Home owners insurance does not cover loss of value, only structural damage.  Once the anarchy  begins, you home will be worth NOTHING.  Can you'll your home and buy another in a distant location (DFW or Houston) and move in that amount of time.  nearly impossible even if you start tomorrow. Time to panic and immediately plan to get out of Travis County ASAP.  Once the anarchy starts, housing in the state will escalate rapidly, and will be gobbled up in a few weeks.  Moving companies will be booked up for months, so you will have to leave your positions in your home while still paying the mortgage, that means, paying two mortgages for months, without a job.  How many people have that kind of cash?  Only the rich, who will fly out of here to their vacation home in wherever, IF they can get tickets.  Even the rich will have there tidy secure lives disrupted when the have to endure the anarchy for a couple of months.  Rich people living in a 2 million dollar house and they can't flush there toilets or take a shower.  I think that if funny and very ironic.

Even money cannot insulate you from this kind of NATURAL disaster.  Can't live without water.