Tuesday, January 19, 2016

United Nations Discipline Saudi’s

United Nations Discipline Saudi’s

Response to Facebook
January 05, 2016

The Saudi's housed and funded the Wahhabists, the most radical Islamic theorists. They are the main proponents of returning Islam to the days when organized Islam interpreted Mohammed as being in favor of violence against those who did not practice an ultra strict fundamentalist doctrine including vile and brutal punishment of those not in compliance with doctrine as they saw it. Taliban/ISIS style: cutting off the hands of those believed to be stealing etc. This extends to non-believers and the obliteration of Israel,  which is the sole stated purpose of Hamas and Hezbollah. The Israeli's have taken a lot of flack lately, but how do you negotiate with people whose goal is to destroy you????? The Palestinians put their political power in the hand of these militant groups and supported and funded them and Yasser Arafat, one of the greatest con-men in history. After the Clinton Accord in the mid 90's, he quickly decided to give the go ahead for suicide bombing. When he died his wife went to England for medical treatment and carried with her Arafat's stash of over 100 BILLION DOLLARS!!!! ISIS makes the Taliban look tame and their governance is based solely on terror and some of the most diabolical brutality ever known. ISIS has appeal to every sociopath in Islamic culture. Yes they have 0.9% sociopaths like every other group of people on the planet. These sociopaths are attracted to ISIS because they get to kill and brutalize anyone who doesn't cop to the Wahhabists views. They, as all sociopaths do, not only are genetically programed to cause misery but they actually gain PLEASURE from these acts.

They are a huge threat to all Islamic cultures as they will kill 20+times as many Muslims as Europeans. They are unorganized and undisciplined and have no leadership. Just an assault rifle and a license to kill. In no way do they remotely practice the teaching of Mohammed, who taught tolerance and the Islamic version of the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", which is the same fundamental teaching of all the great profits: Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Gandhi. The great minds knew that the Golden Rule was the only way our species could live together peacefully. The Islamic cultures could do a great deal to stop this madness. Every community knows who the sociopaths are; they are the troublemakers even at an early age. As teenagers they are involved in violent crime, theft, drug addiction and all manner of being "bad". The Muslims can identify these misfits and turn them over for psychiatric evaluation before they disappear to an ISIS "training center", and then plunge into their world of brutal mayhem.

Intelligence states that ISIS plans several more Paris type attacks (200 dead), but the Europeans are taking care of themselves in this matter.  The Belgiums, with Special Forces in full battle regalia, patrolling all well populated public places, has deterred whatever plans ISIS had planned.  Young French men and women are volunteering by the thousands for the military, intelligence, and all manner of services that can thwart ISIS.  This is a behavior NEVER SEEN IN FRANCE BEFORE!  The French have historically been more interested in good food and architecture than anything military.  In warfare they have been consistently incompetent, as the Maginot Line illustrated (Rommel’s Panzers tanks drove around the fortified line through Belgium and had control of France in three short weeks).

Morris Creedon-McVean,DO
A gentleman and a scholar,

Austin, Texas