Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cruz Racism and th Catholic Church

Response to a Supporter of Congressman Cruzs Irrational Opposition to Obamacare
Including the history of racism and the Catholic Church

October 22, 2013

Of course we all have to wait for the "results". But if you want to have a discussion on this forum, facts are what count. Otherwise, is degenerates into a matter of "opinions", which any one is entitled to, but they mean nothing. An overt racist can have an Opinion that because Obama is half black, which only means that half of his genes are more recently from Africa. His ancestors were probably captured in some tribal warfare and sold to white men on the coast, as slaves that made plantation farming possible. The white half of Obama's genes also came from Africa, but much longer ago that his ancestors in northern developed an adaptation to the greatly decreased amount of sun in that environment, and lost the pigment in their shin. This has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by science in several different disciplines. The only people who don't "believe" in this science are the uneducated or religious fanatics who pick some passage in the Bible, written by a committee in the Catholic Church 700 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth. The Roman Catholics (Roman because the Bible, as un holy as a comment can get, was written in Rome), were already consumed with politics and control of other people, they used the carrot of the few real teachings of Jesus that had survived 700 years of word of mouth passage from group to group of early Christians, were used to fabricate "rules" for behavior, that allowed the Church to control people. Like if you didn't "tithe" (give money to the church) you were condemned as not a true believer and chastised. Of course, those with other religious groups like the Muslims and Jews were caste as so evil, it justified their being killed. Interesting, since Jesus never even hinted at such a practice. Quit the opposite, he taught tolerance and forgiveness. How the Catholic church kept Europeans under their thumb with such a self contradictory mish mash of ideas is one of the wonders on Western civilization. The answer is simple, sociopaths gained control of the church early on, and had no qualms about using the threat of death to keep people quiet and in line. Mass slaughter of Muslims during the "Crusades", served as reminder as to what happens to non believers. Suppression of new thought, or questioning the authority of the Catholic Church, cost man a brilliant men and women their lives. Early science was done and secret, and Geniuses like Leonardi de Vinchi, whose work only survived because he lied about his true beliefs to the powers in the Vatican.

The control and suppression tactic reached it’s peak during the Spanish Inquisition, in which for the first time a Church/Government used a system of spies and encouraged and rewarded people for turning in their neighbors as being “closet” Jews. Anyone accused was tortured to death.  Many innocent people were killed in the cruel and  macabre manner imaginable. Ironically, the Spanish Inquisition ended Spain’s position as a world power, because as the Jews fled, they took with them the scientific innovations in navigation and military tactics that had made a power in an era ruled by the rulers of the seas.  Soon, the English destroyed the Spanish Armada, with smaller more maneuverable ships with more accurate canons.  Concurrently, the Spanish economy went into decline, due to the absence of the Jewish merchants and bankers.