Sunday, October 20, 2013

Again the Rain Pattern Shows Why of Reservoirs Decline

Image taken today, October 20,2013, in my back yard.  One week after a day of 3-4 inches of rain.
This  image was taken today in our back yard: dry cracking soil just one week after we received 3-4 inches of rain, the hill country water sheds 2-3 inches,and Austin 4-5inches.  This is why the rain pattern of 2013 has produced inflows almost as low as 2011 which was by far the lowest on record, which was a record shattering 10% of normal.  last Sundays copious amount of rain in some areas of central Texas put very little water into the reservoirs, one foot to be precise.(it would take 260 consecutive days to get Lake Travis (an empty pit as viewed from the highway), since the official government web site has been at 30% full for 2 years. This has been the pattern all of 2013 and clearly illustrates why we keep loosing ground (pun intended) on of our water supply. This is to illustrate how fast the top soil dries out so rapidly (one week and the temperatures are now quite moderate), and now the first inch of rain into the watershed will be absorbed by the parched top soil when the next storm front comes through.

If the Perry Government is willing to post a bold faced like and citizens can see is zero as 260 feet of water, would it not be reasonable to speculate the Lake Buchanan (the dam on the Colorado upstream rom Travis) has only 50% of what they claim?  Or 60% or 70%?.  Calculating the full Government amount 620,000 acre-feet, by our very consistent yearly usage of 400,000 acre feet, leaves us with only 14 months until we run dry.  If one uses the 50% of what is stated for Buchanan, gives a terrifying 2-3 months before we run dry.  The take home message, is that catastrophic event is coming and we little about when, because of the governments intentional deception.