Saturday, August 15, 2015

There Is a Hole in the Dyke
August 13, 2015

Major breakthrough: the electrical utilities in Travis county are asking customers to reduce their usage of electrical power between 3 and 7 PM.  This is especially notable since governor Abbott has been more secretive about the drought than Perry.  Perry opposed conservation of water aggressively.  This means that the water and power situation is vastly more critical than the GOP that runs this state has been willing to admit. 

We are still in the dark as to the details of how much water we have left, be we know the ruling powers are very worried.  Sociopaths and particularly the Tea Party variety never compromise and never change their minds.  The rumor mill has it that the majority of the Texas legislators are Tea Party members.  The public of course will not comply with the request to reduce power usage, the mass denial about the danger of the drought and Global Warming is something out of a science fiction book that I read when I was 12 (I read 120 books in that year including every sci-fi book in the Fort Worth Public Library). 

The next step will be rolling brown outs, probably in a week or less as this hot hot weather continues.  The public will be shocked and outraged, but they have no one to blame but themselves for voting these sociopaths into office.  Texas basically dropped out of the Democratic Republic system because they stopped voting.  Perry's last election was won by garnering 17% of the registered voters.  All of the super right wing church goers voted, and the majority just stayed home.  Our negligence is about to bite us in the ass as we slide toward running out of water and power, and this great city will be destroyed and the capitol will have to be moved.  The whole tragic scenario will probably bankrupt the State, and damage millions of lives.  The water issue aside the developers and builders have way over built the entire area out stripping the natural resources that are available. An economy based on continuous growth and hyper growth at that, is a fantasy driven by greed.

A scholar and a gentleman,
Austin, Texas