Monday, December 23, 2013

Dick Cheney the Prototype Sociopath

Dick Cheney the Prototype Sociopath

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Response to a Facebook post showing Dick Cheneys interview on FOX as an expert on gun control, a man who shot an 80 year old friend in the face in a hunting accident. Post by Bill Hodgson

December 23, 2013

Watching Dick Cheney lie is chilling.  He is a prototype of a sociopath in his ability to lie so convincingly.  If any viewers are confused about the new scientific knowledge about the fact that sociopaths are born without the brain mechanisms to tell right from wrong, AND if they see an opportunity to steal or cause misery to other to others, they are biologically compelled to carry out the nefarious deeds.  They gain pleasure from it, Whether it is by killing a quarter of million Muslims in a war, or stealing a large pension fund and depriving thousands of workers a comfortable retirement that they have worked 40 years for, their pleasure centers are activated.  That's why sociologists studies show that this 0.9% of the population of our species can cause so much misery to the 99.1% who have an intact brain and are capable of learning to be compassionate and follow the Golden Rule.  Cheney is a perfect example of a very smart sociopath who learned early in life what societies rules were, and how to do nasty things to people and not get caught.  During the 60's through the 80's, bright sociopaths saw an opportunity to exploit the political system, because the 99% fell under the narcotic like addiction of television, and stopped paying attention to what their elected officials were doing.  During the 80's there was a surge of sociopaths into all levels of government, because few voters paid any attention to  what they we doing (collecting enormous bribes from lobbyists), and the few citizens who did follow politics believed their lies because, like Cheney, they are so good at it.  They don't even believe they are lying, which is why they can past ANY lie detector test with the most advanced equipment and most skilled operators.

Bill Hodgson this graphic very accurately describes the change in the consciousness of the middle class over the last decade.  The process is just getting started, and the numbers of voters who have made this transition is a small % of the "masses", but the growth is exponential and at some point in the near future a "critical mass" will be reached, and changes thought to be impossible a decade ago when the GOP had control of everything in government at all levels, and did what they pleased---steal us blind, taking away our rights (free speech with the Patriot Act---we just didn't know about it.  In the last 3-5 years many (a small subgroup of the population) could see that all the above was obvious if an educated person bothered to review the events and apply a modicum of critical thinking (a facility TV watching weakens) all the above seems obvious.  This demonstrates two things: first, how successful the sociopaths in the GOP exploited the system right under our noses, and second, how powerful the "heroin like addictive effect" that Marshall McCluhan predicted in c.1960, and has been proven rigorously by cutting edge scientists, teams of neurophysiologists, geneticists, and psychiatrists by 2003.