Friday, November 15, 2013

Self Mutilation as Signal of Loss of Hope

Self Mutilation

Response to post by Sheli Lundberg concerning radical self mutilation
November 14, 2013

The medical problems are almost endless. He has no idea the price he will pay for looking cool, even if this a creative form so self mutilation, it is still self mutilation, which is a terrible signal of what is happening to today's youth. It signals total hopelessness, and a giving up on life. It is a correct read in many ways about the suicidal direction of our society. With the super rich and their allies destroying the ecosystem as fast as they can to maximize pro fits with no strong resistance by "good men who remain silent", this is justified. What is tragic is that they cannot see any hope for change. This idealistic collapse has been setup by two recently understood and proven by science in a rigorous way: the mental illness caused by the "heroin like" addictive qualities of television; and the biological nature of the sociopath. We now have the understanding and the tools to reverse the trend which began when TV was introduced in the 50's which set up exploitation by sociopaths who turned American culture into a "consumer" obsessed dumbed down society where the 99% stopped paying attention to what is important in life, including what the sociopaths politicians were doing, and they took over government at every level in two decades. They are now so entrenched, it will be a major struggle to regain control of our Government. a shooting civil war is a definite possibility.

 Fortunately, the GOP is fragmenting and self destructing, and lacks any leadership. The Tea Party may turn out to be gift, because if they can get a candidate on the next Presidential ballot, they will take votes from the GOP, who is already being seen as a destructing force after the farcical shutting down of the government to punish Obama for being the stimulus for making health care more accessible and cheaper. Health care reform is a good thing even with the initial difficulties inherent in such a major change, but we are the only prosperous country in the world that does not have universal health care. In spite of the vigorous adolescent fabricated attacks on Obamacare (a complete misnomer---Congress crafted the legislation and passed it---supported by both parties; Obama just signed it into law) I do not believe the GOP can stop it. It makes our profit obsessed health care system more fair for everyone, and saves money. Americans have a long history of supporting fairness, from the abolition of slavery to the civil rights movement and women's rights to control their bodies through contraception. Doing the right thing will win out again in spite of the vituperous hatred and lies that the opposition musters.

Morris Creedon-McVean