Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tribute to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Tribute to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Response to a comment on Facebook
May 15, 2013

Just look at the popularity among 18-25 year olds with vintage clothing, that can be purchased for a pittance at "Thrift Shops" (as pointed out in the smash hit by the same name by the hottest band in music Macklemore and Ryan Lewis---this catchy up beat hip-hop track off of their album "The Heist" ---meaning our basic human values have been stolen by corporate consumerism society).  The theme of the song is a "fuck you" to the entire "fashion" industry performed in a totally charming manner with no bitterness.  While most of the tracks deal with major personal or societal issue with a refreshing honesty, the album leaves the listener with a very up beat mood.  Quite an accomplishment in the music industry, which aggressively suppresses creativity in favor of what has worked in the past.  This has made mainstream music formulaic and boring.  But Macklemore (Ben Hagerty of pure Irish descent, who inherited the Irish spirit of rebellion against a more powerful adversary (the British) and refused to play by the industry's rules.)  Therefore, they are an independent label and a highly unlikely pair of white guys from Seattle (a city with a strong history of innovation despite the lack of approval of the power centers of business in NYC), hardly a hot spot for rap music.  They make it immediately among the black community and what white teenager doesn't listen to rap?  Now, they have crossed over, and are popular with the white adult market, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, and appearance on SML, Letterman and other top mainline shows which often features new talent.

 This is just the beginning for this band whose talent and creativity runs broad and deep.  They could revive not only rap, but also the entire music industry.  The likes of which we haven't seen since The Beatles.  Yes, they are that good. No one can tell them what to do, which means they can't be stopped.  They have the right message in a culture crying out for truth and honesty, which is their main mission. AND they accomplish their mission in a very brilliant and entertaining way.  What more could you ask for in popular music???  Oh, yes.  They have had their share of failure, and dont take themselves seriously.  They are very unlikely to be seduced

Morris Creedon-McVean

PS My gratitude to my son, J now 35 y/o, who has been a rap aficionado since age 13.  He knows more about hip-hop culture and music than all but the black-Americans who were the early proponents of the music and culture, like Quincy Jones.  He gave me the Heist shortly after its release some short 6 months ago.