Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Romney's Dirty Laundry Makes the Choice Easy

Sunset on the Influence of Mormons on American Society

Comments on the Romney Involvement in the 8.9 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Facebook  April 30, 2012
Posted May 1, 2012

There were certainly hints of this kind of financial malfeasance in his 2010 tax return.  This is no surprise to me.  The more we learn about Romney the more he resembles a gangster than a citizen running for public office.  The Church of Scientology, an organization run very much like the Mormon Church was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, once boasted that the easy way to become wealthy in modern times was to start a religion.  There are many parallels between the two:  they require absolute obedience to senior more "highly developed" officials; there is no arguing or disagreeing with the ruling hierarchy, when you join (or for Mormons, turn 18) you give all your positions and economic assets to the "church" both in the present and until you die; you cannot leave the organization without leaving everything behind, and you will be endlessly harassed.  Not only that, but you will never see your spouse or children again.  Purely coerced loyalty.  This is only the end of April and Romney has so much laundry to air, that hardly a week will go by without a very nasty piece of his past is revealed that make him no only unelectable, even given the number of Republicans who hate Obama, not for anything he has done or has not done, but just because he is in their way from having complete control of the government.  Any issue they attack Obama for is just a diversion to give the fence sitters something to hang on to.  The recent broo -ha-ha over the Unconstitutionality over who pays for birth control pills is, as my mother would say "making a mountain out of a molehill".  The GOP has blown this truly trivial issue into a "Obama ignores the Constitution".  When in fact, he is the only person in Washington who even tries to abide by the constitution.  The GOP conveniently ignores that Bush and Cheney flagrantly broke the Constitution, and were never investigated, charged or punished.  Not that there is anything to investigate.  He attacked (declared war on Iraq) before Congress did.  The  Constitution clearly states "only congress can declare war.  It doesn't get any simpler than that.  

By scraping the very bottom of the barrel of capable leadership in the GOP, and coming up with Romney, who is so totally unAmerican in everything he stands for and does, the re-election of Obama is virtually assured.  No doubt the GOP will besiege Obama with a series of preposterous lies in a futile attempt to discredit him, but his past as a dedicated social worker before he went to Harvard Law School and went into politics, separates him from everyone else of power and influence in Washington.  Simple indisputable facts:
1) He grew up poor
2) He worked with vigor as a social worker in poor neighborhoods in Chicago---no one in Congress has a background that relates in any way to public service.  They uniformly spent their adult lives hoarding money (the average wealth over $500 million)
3)Obama is poor by those standards, with a net worth of well under $20 million, the majority from the sales of his inspirational book "The Audacity of Hope".
4)Even though he has disappointed his supporters in some relatively minor ways, he is learning how to deal with the Cadre of Sociopathic members of Congress.  Unless you are a dedicated bigot any objective assessment of his performance, shows clearly that he is trying and he is decreasing his mistakes and increasing his successes.
5) In inherited the biggest mess that any American President has had to face the moment he took office.
6) He has no support at all, even from his own party.  After all, the Dems are owned by the lobbyists too.
7)  He has restored the image of America abroad, with his candor  and heartfelt empathy with other peoples.  This was no small feat since Bush managed to make America the most hated and feared country in the world.  Bush demonstrated a palpable disdain for other peoples and their problems and broke every international treaty the United States ever signed.
8)Obama didn't start a war; but wound down (or is in the process of withdrawing from) two wars that Bush started illegally.
9) The Obama family, with his formidable wife Michelle, restored a sense of normalcy and serve as a superb role model for the many troubled families in this country.  Their love and respect for each other and their exemplary parenting has had and will continue to have an invaluable influence on American family life.
10) This is one of those intangables, like his role modeling as a husband, his sense of HUMOR.  His constant playfulness with the media, and adamant refusal to take himself or his office too seriously, has a very calming effect of a population that is "scared to death" about their future.  His cool under unfathomable pressure cannot be overstated.

Morris Creedon-McVean
Austin    May 1,2012